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  1. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    I just got the paint yesterday, that is this weekends project lol
  2. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Not today but over the last few days, I replaced the stock Rubicon decals on my 4Xe with new Rubicon decals with an Orange trim instead of the electric blue. I like the blue trim on every color 4xe except hydro blue and maybe the firecracker red. I also added an American Flag on the driver...
  3. Giveaway!!! KC all NEW Cyclone V2 LED 6-Light ROCK LIGHT KIT

    When I win I will take the clear ones.
  4. Maryland Rubicon Rock Rails - $100.00

    Price reduced to $100
  5. Maryland Rubicon Rock Rails - $100.00

    Rubicon Rock Rails off of my 2021 JLUR 4Xe. Selling for $100 OBO
  6. Owners show off your new 4xe!

    I picked this up May 7th (Ordered on 3/24). Added the 315/70/R17 BFG KO2s with Fuel Covert rims last Friday. Loving this thing so far. It is a much better drive than my 2018 JLUR with the 3.6. I didn't by it for better gas mileage but I am absolutely loving getting 700 miles per tank.
  7. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Added some 315/70 BFG KO2s to 17" Fuel Covert rims to my 2021 Hydro Blue Pearl JLUR4Xe
  8. New “Specialty” Jeeps

    I traded my 2018 JLUR for a 2021 JLUR 4Xe and I couldn't be happier. The extra 100HP was my main reason for buying it and It has been worth every penny. Add that to the fact that I paid 47,500 for the 2018 and got 46,200 for it in trade plus a 7500 tax rebate and the decision was simple. The...
  9. New JL, was this item free?

    Sorry, I do not know the answer to the alternator question.
  10. New JL, was this item free?

    When I bought my 2018 JLUR off of the lot at a nearby dealer I noticed that it had a hardtop that wasn't listed on the window sticker. I waited until the deal was done and keys were in my hand until I asked why the hardtop was free on my Silver jeep but was an option on the black jeep that I...
  11. TazerJL with the 4Xe

    Thank you for the update. Glad to see you have is ear because I certainly didn't lol. I hope he will be letting us know when he does test as I will not be plugging mine in until I have some assurances. Fortunately I am still a month away from receiving the 4Xe so time is still on my side.
  12. TazerJL with the 4Xe

    I have searched this forum and have reached out to TazerJL and have not received a response. I am wondering if anyone knows if the TazerJL will work with the 4Xe. I have had one on my 2018 JLUR for a few years and love it.
  13. 4xE Order Status??

    So I placed my order on 3/24, received my VON on 3/26 and just checked and I now have a VIN and in D1 Status with an Estimated Ship Date of 4/30.
  14. What shade of Blue is the Accent Color on the Hood Decal and Rubicon Outline

    I have looked at these two photos on the build page and have literally spent way too much time on youtube looking for videos. In the pics above it is crazy how the blue on the tow hooks look as though they are a perfect match for both colors. The 4x4 badge definitely looks closer to chief blue
  15. What shade of Blue is the Accent Color on the Hood Decal and Rubicon Outline

    Thank you, that was my fear lol. I guess I will be going with the Stingray which has always been one of my favorite colors anyway. I would go silver again but I bought my daughter a Silver JK and had you make me some Wrangler hood decals that are outlined in light blue and I just don't want to...
  16. What shade of Blue is the Accent Color on the Hood Decal and Rubicon Outline

    I know this isn't the most important question out there but I am trying to get an idea of the shade of blue used on the decals and tow hooks. In the promo pics they almost look metallic and very similiar to the Hydro Pearl Blue that is offered as a color choice but on videos that I have watched...
  17. How many use a screen protector on the display screen?

    The mopar screen protector was one of the first things I added to my Jeep 3 yrs ago when I bought it. Took all of 3 minutes to put on and I have no issues with bubbles or peeling. In my opinion it doesn't make sense not to.
  18. Aux Battery replacement the easy way... pull the fender flare

    I don't know why they have a short life span but I can tell you that I have had the Auto Start/Stop on my 2018 JLUR "turned off" by using the JLTazer shortly after I bought my Jeep 3 yrs ago and my aux battery just went bad. It started with the dash warning the start/stop and Aux switches were...
  19. Aux Battery replacement the easy way... pull the fender flare

    Thanks to the advice here I just easily changed my Aux battery by removing the fender. I ordered the fender clips from Quadratic and received them 2 days later. 8 of the 11 clips broke when I pulled the fender off. Plastic was brittle because its cold as [email protected]!k here and I don't have a garage...