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  1. EV Shifting and Pedestrian Alert

    that's great to hear! I'm in New England too, so got sold a hard top, but I've got by with just the soft top. for my next Jeep, the one-touch looked like it could be a great solution, especially in a 4xe. thx for that!!
  2. EV Shifting and Pedestrian Alert

    3) the pedestrian alert system is really annoying. When running with sky one touch open ... how you liking the sky one-touch on the 4xe Rubi?
  3. 4xe 0-60 in 6 seconds? YES!!!

    That's great video: I'm a little more tempted by the 4xe now!
  4. Massachusetts WTS 2door hardtop

    I've also got an used 2-door Jeep hardtop that I'm interested in selling: I'm in Broohline MA - anyone need one?