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  1. California 2018 JLUR & front RCV shaft/ Locker rubbing issue

    Has anyone else who has RCV Ultimate 44's on a 2018 JLUR had issues with the axle coming into contact with the locker bearing? Pics attached. RCV sending new shafts but want to see if anyone else has had issue. They don't seem to know what would of caused it to happen..
  2. Bad Factory Weld on front lower control arm bracket

    I know. I can get it fixed but it’s the principle that Jeep is not taking ownership of the issue because I modified a trail rated off road vehicle.
  3. Bad Factory Weld on front lower control arm bracket

    @JeepCares can see the claim and the denial due to modifications and is standing with the dealer decision. Mahhh :-(
  4. Bad Factory Weld on front lower control arm bracket

    Omg. I’m using this. It is my pic after all lol
  5. 2020 Wrangler JL Recall - lower control arm bracket and weld

    Mine is a 2018. Look at this and they’re denying warranty because I did a lift and found it.
  6. FYI: NHTSA Investigation 18/19 JL steering & frame welds

    Dealing with dealership dening my bad factory weld at the control arm bracket. Found when we changed my control arms Ops, not covered... You modified your jeep.... We wouldn't of found it without the mod....
  7. Bad Factory Weld on front lower control arm bracket

    If it was only that simple, but there is some penetration in the weld as well, so it will have to be grinded out, welded and painted. Yes I have pics at home. The weld A looks like a 2 year old did it and B is on either side of the bracket not on the seem. GRRR
  8. Bad Factory Weld on front lower control arm bracket

    Exactly!! If we had not done it we wouldn't of found it.
  9. Bad Factory Weld on front lower control arm bracket

    While doing the lift on my 2018 Jeep JLU Rubicon we found that there was a bad factory weld on the front lower control arm bracket. We took the jeep into Antioch Jeep Chrysler Dodge in California. They took photos and sent in to be reviewed as a warranty. Of course they came back and denied...
  10. When did you do your first oil change.....?

    My first was at 6K at the dealer with my free one (have 5 free with synthetic so why not) I also have a catch can, this I check every 3 gas fill ups and there's always oil and fine crap in it, so the catch can seems to be a great $160 investment :-) Gonna try to stick with 6K for tire...
  11. Jeep women with long hair - I need your help

    So I have long naturally curly hair that is very thin/fine. My hair blows like no other in the wind with the top down and knots very easy. Baseball hats are okay, but not my first choice, as I wear bangs and hats push them down into my eyes. My 1st choice other then a ponytail is a stylish...
  12. What is this called?

    Mine arrives next weeks, no big ricks for me until it’s installed. They say it’s harder to install once you’ve done damage.
  13. Pictures Please ! JLUR with Mopar 2" Lift & 35s

    Mine is the 2 1/2” lift with 37”