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  1. Would your return your 2019 Rubi if you could?

    Whooooosh... Correct, that wasn't the discussion. My point is that some people are delusional enough (no offense) to think that just because they buy a Toyota they are in for nothing but trouble free miles... and nothing could be further from the truth. One of my family members bought a Rav4...
  2. Would your return your 2019 Rubi if you could?

    Unless you end up with a lemon Tacoma like I did lol. The infamous Lemoma! What a joke that truck was... along with Toyota-Cares (oxymoron). Check out a Tacoma forum and you'll see plenty of posters complaining over there... just as some complain here. Traded in the dreaded and massively...
  3. Sold my Rubicon

    Hmmm.... maybe get an old CJ or TJ to get your Jeep fix without breaking the bank? Either way... good for you Bro. Old friends are the best friends. :time:
  4. The Jeep Wrangler is One of the Most Unreliable Cars of 2020

    Bought a Tacoma a few years back... it was such a Lemon we nicknamed it the "Lemoma" lol. My sister in law recently purchased a Rav4... last I heard it was at the dealership because of a leaking sunroof. Btw... ToyotaCares?? Yeah right. People who put FCA down have yet to deal with the snobs at...
  5. Scotty says the Wrangler SUCKS

    I'm not sure why people take this guy Scotty seriously. Have you see the guys "shop?" Its a broken down garage... leaning to one side completely packed with junk that you cant even walk into. I saw an episode where he was served a notice by his town to clean his property or face eviction... not...
  6. Owned JLUR for one month, in the shop for almost 2 weeks!

    UK CATS? Nah... more like UK Pussy. The man is having problems with his new Jeep and you choose to give him a hard time over what he's paid for aftermarket parts? Seriously? Does that make you feel better UK Douche? I'm guessing your fascination with belittling people stems from your inability...
  7. Another angry Wrangler

    Nothing looks better than a stock Jeep grill.... MB, CJ, YJ (yup... even the wrOngler, lol), TJ, JK or JL... they all are perfect just as Jeep made them. :flag:
  8. I no longer have the Fever

    Seriously? You consider yourself a Jeeper... totally into Jeeps, crazy about them. You had Jeep fever you say? So the first problem that pops up you're ready to give up? Sell your Wrangler? I say sell it... you are definitely NOT a Jeeper in my opinion... and the fact that you refer to your Jeep...
  9. New JL is a POS

    Traded in my Lemon Tacoma for an F150 three years ago... best move I ever made. 5.0, all aluminum body, XLT... awesome truck. 62k mikes and zero issues.... the only time it has been back to the Ford dealership since purchase was to stop and buy some mudflaps from the parts dept. My wife and kids...
  10. Looking at JLU considering 4runner

    If it doesn't have removable top and doors... it's just another SUV to me. I'm referring to both the 4 Runner and the Land Cruiser. The current 4 Runner hasn't been updated since 2009 so... no way.
  11. Premium Soft Top Shrank? WTH?

    Geez... just warm up the top and you'll be fine. I have a CJ5... top was off for over 4 years. I had to lay it out in the sun to get it pliable before installing it. You actually brought your Jeep back to the dealership over this? Yup... in the history of Jeep CJs, YJs, TJs, JKs and now JLs...
  12. Looking at JLU considering 4runner

    Apples to oranges as far as I'm concerned... Those 4 runner doors are a pain to take on and off. The roof? Maybe a sawzall?? Seriously though... there is no comparison. My son traded in his '15 Tacoma for a JK last year. That Tacoma was nothing but a lemon from day one. His JK? Daily driver...
  13. Third brake light install on hardtop why didn’t Jeep do this from the factory

    No offense Dick... but you obviously know Zip about rhetorical questions... and third brake lights for that matter. ;)
  14. Free oil change, you get what you pay for!

    Shouldn't YOU be keeping an eye on your own fluid levels? It's not hard to pop the hood once a week to check fluid levels and to double check your tire pressures. Seriously... you're on a Jeep forum complaining that your windshield washer fluid wasn't topped off by someone else??
  15. LED's not hot enough to melt snow while driving!!??

    CJ headlights DO protrude past the grill surface.
  16. JL Super Bowl Ads

    Interesting how when Jeep wanted the world to see their new offering, all that cash they spent on those commercials, when they wanted to put their best foot forward, when it was time to show off, when nothing but the best looking, most capable Jeep would do... they went with a two door. Awesome...
  17. Soft top and freedom top operation / removal demo videos

    Don't really care for the look of this new soft top... the rear looks like a baby diaper with a load in it.... and that's not good.
  18. Moab, Overland and 3.0L diesel decals/badges found

    Not goofy at all dude... looking at them both, I dig yours more. It's the small details that make the overall package shine. From toasters to jeeps... doesn't matter. It's the details that count.
  19. Active Noise Control (Cancellation) feature comes to Jeep Wrangler JL

    No thanks... I dig the sound of the wind all around me... the exhaust, engine, tires... it's all music to me.