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  1. Jeep Stalled

    Jeep stalled at traffic light , went to start and nothing. Pushed out of intersection and popped hood , found negative battery cable off battery. Put it back on , started right up but message came up vehicle will shut off shortly. As I got closer to home lights started coming on dashboard then...
  2. Radio not working

    get in Jeep after work, head home don’t touch the radio till my 11yr Old gets in and I realize Howard Stern is on, I go to change it and nothing happens. Can’t control volume can’t change stations. Then no volume but screen won’t go off when I shut off and get out and shut doors. Get back in...
  3. Billet Silver JLUR Modest Build

    Did you get speedo recalibrated
  4. Silver Billet came today

    My Silver Billet, just came in today, on Jeep Chat said was still waiting for destination eta and this morning I get a call it’s in and I’m leaving for my daughters softball tournament. Now have to wait till Monday . Going to be hard to do that
  5. JL Window Sticker and Build Sheet Order Tracking

    I’m in KZ now Rubicon invoiced, no shipping info yet
  6. Will 35’s fit on stock tire carrier

    Please roadglide, rim info would be great
  7. Will 35’s fit on stock tire carrier

    Upgrading new 2019 Rubicon to new wheels and 35x12.5 will the spare tire fit on stock tire carrier