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  1. Wisconsin JL Accessory Bundle

    I’m really looking to move everything at once. If nothing happens for a couple weeks, I may be persuaded to break things up. I might also just go the eBay route, which is, obviously, not ideal. To get an idea of shipping cost, the box is 13x16x22 inches and weighs a surprising 25 lbs. Those...
  2. Wisconsin Sold: JL Accessory Bundle

    Sold my JL. Here's what's left: 1) CMM mirrors (2) with ball delete 2) 2 sets (4 total) Quadratec grab handles 3) Foot rests (2) 4) Fishbone rear storage boxes (2). Per Quadratec these are specific for a two-door JL 5) Topsy hinge bracket kit. Def specific for JL 6) odd and ends: storage tray...
  3. Retrofit side marker install with pics!

    Yes, they're the smoked ones. That note wasn't there when I bought, they must've had some complaints. Here's a close-up of the "gap"
  4. Retrofit side marker install with pics!

    The trick to not losing the screw is to keep it in place and allow the side marker housing to gently lift off the fender as you unscrew it. Then set the new housing onto the screw and watch as you gradually re-seat it. There are some tabs which need to align as you snug it down, but, really, it...
  5. Retrofit side marker install with pics!

    My pleasure Paul.
  6. Rear defroster wire detached

    The issue is that, I think, you'd be penalized for trying to fix a problem like this on your own. So it happens and you glue it and then it fails (your first attempt, no shame in that). So the next step is to take it to the dealership and, you guessed it, they say, "hey, there's epoxy here and...
  7. Rear defroster wire detached

    Bummer. I agree that you should take it to your dealer. That said, here's another solution...
  8. JL Fires

    That's fascinating. I've seen several posts about people who purchased a JL and, within just a few days, according to these posts that I saw, they all found true love, won the lottery, regrew hair, lost 20 pounds, got that jar unstuck, and came up with a super witty retort. All, they said in...
  9. Has anyone else run out of gas yet?

    People from around the globe will be able to respond.
  10. Looking at JLU considering 4runner

    I traded in my 4Runner Limited for the Rubicon. After reading this entire thread and agreeing with pretty much every bit of it, all I have to add is that the Toyota just felt sort of "meh." It was capable and reliable and dependable and so entirely, soul-suckingly, God-awfully boring I could...
  11. Retrofit side marker install with pics!
  12. Retrofit side marker install with pics!

    Hey everyone. I bought a pair of smoked side markers and then hunted around for a video or maybe even just instructions regarding how to install them. No luck. Thankfully installation isn't too troublesome. Here's how to do it: Tools: 1) trim fastener removal tool 2) 8mm socket and wrench 3)...
  13. European Crash Test Results

    Yeah that Nader reference really triggered someone. Amusing stuff. It was kind of a hog-pile on you, for my part, I apologize. It's not typical. I suspect there's a little bit of a nerve there. Did you find Poseidon's thread?
  14. European Crash Test Results

    Yes, the forum can be a little tiresome. It seems like every few days a person joins and promptly asks a question which has been asked (and discussed, argued, explained, considered, debated, and, oh yeah, answered) many, many times before. I think that long-time members may sometimes forget that...
  15. My Jeep JL rollover accident on the highway yesterday!

    Jeepers. It's wonderful that you're ok.
  16. Plastic bumper license plate mounting

    #10 1 inch stainless screws for the rear. Speed nuts for the front.
  17. Jeep Purchase in another state

    That’s got to be frustrating. How long do you have to register it? My take is that if your bank says that they don’t have the necessary paperwork, then they really don’t have the paperwork. I guess I just trust banks more than car dealerships. It’s a bias. Anyhow, it may be apples and oranges...
  18. Wranglers a lot like Harleys

    Oh you're not alone