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  1. 2.5 lift on jlu sport s

    Nice, thank you. Looks good!
  2. 2.5 lift on jlu sport s

    How much lift did you obtain? Exactly 2.5?
  3. 2.5 lift on jlu sport s

    Hey guys trying to figure out how much lift I will get out of a jks 2.5 lift on a 2021 jlu sport s with factory bumpers and after market rock rails. I've been researching the difference between the 2.5 and 3.5 and can't decide. I will go with the standard rate spring and toyo at3 35*12.5*17...
  4. Why is a Sahara taller than my Rubicon?

    How much more does the 3.6 weigh compared to a 2.0..might be enough to make a difference.
  5. JKS 2.5" JSpec Suspension kit - Any real world reviews/experience out there? Now w/first impressions

    Thanks! Those King's look awesome, how's the ride? Also if you get around to it can you give me a measurement from the ground to the bottom of the front door. Thanks again, looks great!
  6. JKS 2.5" JSpec Suspension kit - Any real world reviews/experience out there? Now w/first impressions

    Did you install the HD springs or standard? Also, which shocks did you go with. Thanks!
  7. Anyone Running Rancho RS9000XL

    They do sell the 9000x in four different lengths, but the longer ones do require a new front drive shaft. Also, I'm not sure how much travel you can get before the spring becomes un seated. @RanchoShocks should be able to help.
  8. 35s on stock Sahara 18 inch wheels?

    Was it looks or performance based? I could see how a skinny tire would have less friction, drag, on performance. Back when I wheeled in Az the only problem I found with the 10.5 is they would throw the Jeep around and jerk the wheel when they locked into a rut.
  9. Anyone Running Rancho RS9000XL

    Sorry to hear about your unfortunate circumstances. Glad your still enjoying the lift. I really hope for the sake of everyone they get this steering corrected, properly! I had a Tacoma that I drove from Phoenix to Mexico for a long vacation. One hour south of the border I had a blister form on...
  10. Anyone Running Rancho RS9000XL

    Anymore updates?
  11. Best 35" A/T tires for the money

    I'm trying to decide between the duratrac, Toyo atIII or the Toyo rt. 35*12.5*17
  12. 35s on stock Sahara 18 inch wheels?

    I believe he's on a 3.5 rancho, specifically made for the sport/Sahara..non Rubicon.
  13. Superlift 2.5 with Fox shocks Review

    You probably purchased a lift by now, what did you go with? Mopar, dynatrac and this one all seem very similar and give 2 to 3 inches of lift, which I've been researching. @MarkUSMC
  14. Dynatrac endurosport on sport

    37? I'm thinking about putting this on a sport s. I will eventually upgrade Axel's to accommodate 37's and add Rubicon fenders. Initially with 35's it will be fine with stock fenders.
  15. Looking for pics of JLUR with 3.5 inches of lift and 37s

    How do you like the crawler lift? Trying to decide between this and the 3.5 on a sport s.
  16. 3.5” lift with 35” tires

    How much lift did you get out of the lift before the tires?
  17. Best shocks for Rock Krawler X- Factor Lift?

    So has anyone tried the Fox 2.0, off the shelf shocks with Rock Krawler springs? I've seen RK kits in the past with Fox shocks but I'm sure those were specifically tuned to the springs by Fox or RK.
  18. JKS 2.5" JSpec Suspension kit - Any real world reviews/experience out there? Now w/first impressions

    Anyone else dive into the jks camp? Thinking about the 2.5 or 3.5 lift with 35 tires and HD springs on a sport..have a great 4th of July, Gentlemen!
  19. 37" tires on a Sport requires what minimum lift?

    Did you ever install the 3.5? Pics? Interested in doing the same thing. Thanks!