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  1. List of 285/70-17 C range tires?

    The SLs definitely offer a softer ride than the C rated BFGs they replaced. If I was the only one riding in this thing, I would probably go with the C rated, because I think it handles a little better in the corners, but the SL is fine too. That said, I could possibly bump the tire pressure up...
  2. Jeeps everywhere at Surfside beach today

    I was there today. Jeeps everywhere. Hundreds of them. It was glorious. Just wondering who organized it and if it was a named event. Anyone know? Thanks
  3. List of 285/70-17 C range tires?

    SL has the same sidewall rating as the C on the Ridge Grappler. Most of what I found on the SL suggests it’s a good tire, but maybe a bit less tread to start with. I just pulled the trigger on the SL RG so we’ll see how it goes. They were a good bit cheaper, much lighter, and should ride...
  4. List of 285/70-17 C range tires?

    What do y’all think about the SL rated tires on a JL? I’m leaning Nitto RG and it comes in C and SL. SL is lighter and cheaper. Thanks
  5. 3.0 vs 3.6 MPG towing

    21 mpg is impressive. I tow a two horse trailer (with some gear in it) with my 3.6 stock JLUR and would be thrilled with 12.5 mpg. I see closer to 10mpg. I’m thinking about a diesel just because of the towing.
  6. List of 285/70-17 C range tires?

    They were new to me also. Stumbled on to them. Toyo shows these are 63lb and heavier than the E range of the same size (61 Lb). That’s really heavy if accurate.
  7. List of 285/70-17 C range tires?

    What about Toyo OC C/T? Anyone run these? They look like some kind of hybrid. They come in a C range also. I think they’re 3 peak snow rated too...
  8. List of 285/70-17 C range tires?

    Thanks for the feedback. Also found the new Maxxis RAZR AT which comes in a C range. Not yet listed on tire rack or discount tire sites yet though.
  9. New Cooper Rugged Trek

    I just saw these on the Cooper site myself. Came here to see if anyone had tried them yet. If they had a C range I’d be a guinea pig.
  10. List of 285/70-17 C range tires?

    Does anyone have a list or suggestion of what’s available in stock (or close to stock) Rubicon size tires in a C load range? I’ve spent hours researching and almost everything is E range. My Excursion needs E range, not my JL. I don't want a rougher ride. I was looking to get an AT other than...
  11. Nitto Trail Grappler 37" shortage?

    Might be related to the fact that BD and SBR (used to make tires) is in short supply due to 80+% of production being shut down by the deep freeze a couple of weeks back. This might impact more than just Nitto tires. I heard folks were air lifting rubber in from Asia at very high prices due to...
  12. I was thinking of blacking out the wheels. Using paint?

    Definitely plastidip. I have done that before with great results. You spray it on. Just keep it off the tires by using some kind of masking. It will scuff but you can touch it up. You can also remove it later.
  13. Please vote on this poll on whether or not you have potted your locker sensor

    Didn’t vote because there wasn’t an option for installing the bypass dongle thing. Will I eventually need one for the front too or is this mainly a rear axle phenomenon?
  14. Hotheads For Sky One Touch

    Just installed mine tonight. Took 45 min and I have a couple of racks in the way. I have a road trip tomorrow so we’ll Se how it the dampens noise.
  15. Texas LOCK'ER DOWN Center Console Safe

    Yes, it’s now in my Jeep. +1 for muddyduck. Thank you.
  16. Rubbish MPG

    I’d say that’s pretty good mpg for a rubi with stock tires at 70+mph, much less 315s. Might do better at 65 mph. My 3.6 stock rubi wouldn’t get more than 17-18 at those speeds unless I had a tailwind. As someone else mentioned, wind is a big factor with these rigs. Not sure what you were...

    I have always used Westley’s Bleach White.
  18. MPG and Range on the Ecodiesel

    The math says you have about a 15 gallon tank. Is that right?
  19. Hotheads For Sky One Touch

    Just ordered mine. Hoping to reduce the highway noise and summer heat. Was there a forum discount? If so, I missed that.

    Thanks! I spent the better part of 10 years restoring it. My first vehicle was a 1979 Scout and was where I developed my love for off-roading. I love Jeeps (and have owned four now) but I am always a Scout guy at heart.