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  1. 2020 Steering Feel

    No, I just planned on living with it unless there’s an ez fix. fwiw both are jlur with the k02s.
  2. 2020 Steering Feel

    My 18 steering was great, my 20 wanders.
  3. Dash rattle

    For what it’s worth, my rattle turned out to be the sunvisor on those standoffs attached to the crossbar of the windshield. I put some furniture padS on them and that took care of it
  4. Switching from horsepower to 4x4

    I’ve been driving a Wrangler for about 6 years and was bit by the power bug again last year. Kept my Jeep and bought a used 17 ZL1 last summer. Gotta scratch both itches.
  5. Missouri Sold: 2018 Red JLUR $39K

    33700 miles (and increasing as this is my daily driver), 3.6L, manual transmission, 8.4” Infotainment upgrade, LED pkg., tow pkg., cold weather pkg., safety pkg, clear bra, 6 speed manual transmission Make a reasonable offer, will be trading it in on a new one by mid. Feb.
  6. FAD failure? Twice?

    So my transfer case grenaded (inout shaft bearing failed) in my 18 JLUR at 24000 miles and, at the same time, I thought the service manager said that the locker fork that actuated the sleeve in the front differential had broke too. I took it at face value thinking it was just a freak event. 4000...
  7. What manual transmission fluid are you using?

    Because I wanted to know if he used something other than what the manual recommended.
  8. Vibration and grinding noise

    Dealer says I need a new transfer case due to a failed bearing on front planetary gear.
  9. Vibration and grinding noise

    I was on a 800 mile trip over the weekend and started getting intermittent vibration at 50+’ish mph front somewhere in the right front. Sometimes it would go away after a couple of seconds and sometimes it would take a few minutes to stop. I say stop but it always felt/sounded like it was still...
  10. Bad Vibration

    Automatic or manual transmission? How hot does your front driveshaft feel compared to your rear? Transmission temp? I’ve got a kind of similar issue (maybe) on mine
  11. What is that noise?

    Any update on this? I was on a long trip yesterday and started getting intermittent vibration at 50+’ish mph. Could also ghear a metallic grinding when driving next to the concrete median barriers on the interstate. When I stopped and checked underneath the front driveshaft was hot to touch and...
  12. What manual transmission fluid are you using?

    Did you go with Mopar ATF+4? Any noticeable difference in shifting?
  13. What manual transmission fluid are you using?

    Anyone know if the JL tranny has tighter tolerances then the JK that might make this this case? I'm considering running synchromesh through for some "SOTP" data and then running ATF+4. The whole reason I'm going through this is because the dealer replaced the throwout bearing and the shifting...
  14. What manual transmission fluid are you using?

    The manual calls for Mopar ATF+4 for transmission and transfer case. On my JK I used synchromesh for the transmission and Mopar ATF+4 for the transfer case. I liked synchromesh but don't know if that's still ok for the JL.
  15. Grinding feeling in the clutch pedal?

    Update: So just over 26k miles and I took it in last week for tire rotation. Figured I’d have them take a listen to the clutch again (started squeaking a few thousand miles ago to go along with the grinding feeling in the pedal). Turns out it’s a rusted throwout bearing. It should be done this...
  16. BonusDrive $500 Cash Back Offer

    So I emailed them last week asking why this was taking a ridiculously long time and received a response a few hours later stating I was approved and should receive a check this week.
  17. BonusDrive $500 Cash Back Offer

    7 months for me. In May they said FCA rejected as not a new vehicle! Of course they didn’t bother to notify me, only after I contacted and asked what the status was. Sent them another copy of the bill of sale and still waiting.
  18. Grinding feeling in the clutch pedal?

    Nope, just learned to live with it. The dash rattle on the other hand...
  19. TPMS monitoring screen missing.

    That’s not the OP who responded to you