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  1. WiFi Hotspot stopped working

    Funny you mention this... don’t ever seem to have a problem until we road trip it with the kids with our yamika roof box on top.... wonder if the satellite sensor is in the roll bar and is covered by the box... @JeepCares is this true?
  2. JLU (4DR) Vector Offroad's Rear JLU Interior GGB Cargo Basket

    @Vector Offroad These work with the Sky One touch top, correct?
  3. 2020 JL Unlimited Sky One Touch Interior Cargo Shelf

    Researching interior cargo shelfs and finding that due to the removable windows in the back, not all work with the Sky One Touch top. Any recommendations for cargo shelves with sky one touch top?
  4. Sky One-Touch Top Roof Rack Options (2020)

    Question- has anyone installed a yakima skybox on a gobi stealth rack? I'm a bit concerned loading up our sky box with the rain gutter attachments. Thanks