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  1. Oregon, Washington, & PNW Beginner Trails & Tips

    Brown's Camp in the Tillamook State Forest is the OHV area closest to Portland and has a great variety of trails. I would recommend starting there once the stay-home order is lifted. Also, Jones Creek outside of Vancouver (WA) supposedly has some Jeep trails now.
  2. My Overland Rhino In Progress

    Looks like the American Adventure Lab M.A.S.S. system...
  3. First Mod - MORE Dead Pedal

    Installed the M.O.R.E. dead pedal on Saturday. It wasn't too bad, thanks to this thread. Thanks to everyone for posting their experiences! (I used a small vise grip and some painter's tape to keep the pieces in place during the install.)
  4. Bestop on Stacey David's Gearz

    Do vendor discounts affect the rebate? Say, for example, 10% off at 4WP?
  5. Rebel Summit Series Rear Bumper Giveaway

    First time off-road for the Jeep...and me. Tillamook State Forest.