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  1. Mopar wiring harness to flat tow 2020JLUR behind RV only works for about 15 min

    Ok I am trying to figure this out, I think nearly identical situation. My Mopar harness works just great when attached to my 2015 Dodge Durango but when I hook it to the RV I am getting nothing is what I am remembering. I do remember hooking up just a 7 pin tester on RV and I can see turn...
  2. MOPAR RV Harness installed, works on other car but not on RV?

    JUST found that other thread where the RV did not have 12v run to their 7 pin, they added that and worked instantly so will see if that is true on mine as well. But in their case it was low voltage issue, apparently MOPAR / Jeep does not allow it to work at all in that situation.
  3. Mopar wiring harness to flat tow 2020JLUR behind RV only works for about 15 min

    Ok I was JUST posting up about this exact same issue, I bet this is my problem too!!
  4. MOPAR RV Harness installed, works on other car but not on RV?

    So I wanted to see what the brain trust thought about this electrical "issue?" I am hooking up for the first time to flat tow my 2019 Jeep Wrangler and I had the MOPAR RV harness installed on the Jeep. Essentially that is plugged in directly to the Jeep harness at various places (tail lights...
  5. North Carolina ISO 8.4" UConnect (with code, bezel)

    I am looking to upgrade from our 5" to the 8.4" UConnect, so I am looking for the stereo, bezel and CODE! I live in NC, so if you will send me an instant message including price and shipping, ready to buy now! I believe for the Navigation (and XM) to work there is a second piece that I need to...
  6. WHY does Jeep not recommend Tow Dolly ?

    Shawn, great response and I agree this has been covered in various ways over the years, but really hoping we can create here a single comprehensive thread that might even become a sticky for anyone asking about tow dolly / Jeep Wranglers. You mention, it is fine as long as you have put the...
  7. WHY does Jeep not recommend Tow Dolly ?

    I wanted to start a discussion and I am hoping to attract some folks posting that have experience in this area AND would be even better if we have someone that has engineering knowledge about the transfer case in the JL. Let’s start this off with...YES, on page such and such, Jeep says to tow 4...
  8. Headlight 'sagging' on one side?

    I wanted to see if anyone has seen this, and/or have some suggestions on what this might be? The drivers side headlight is essentially pointing "down" and you can see a good sized gap at the top, almost like the headlight aiming 'screws' have backed out on the top or fell out? I did not...
  9. North Carolina Roll Call

    Checking in from Walkertown area of NC (Winston Salem/Kernersville) with the new Sport S, just got it at local used car lot, had them put on Rubicon springs / shocks, 33x12.5x20 BFG KM3s and wheels. Because of the timing of all this the wife named her RONA, and next to it is my 88 K5 Blazer...
  10. JL Wrangler Front Hitch Receiver For Fishing Rod Holder? I would assume you could bolt this on and then the 2" receiver can be used as desired for front fishing cooler rack, winch, etc?
  11. Steps for Rubicon AND rock rails?

    Ok some interesting ones on here, looks like simply getting a stronger step (and removing the original rock rail) is the way to go! Get best of both worlds, easier in and out and rocker protection. Lose a bit of clearance but otherwise good to go.
  12. Steps for Rubicon AND rock rails?

    We are looking at buying JLUR Rubicon in the next 3-6 months but ONE of the requirements is steps for the wife! The wheeling I do at Uhwarrie etc I am not too worried about them but in theory I would love to find a set I could remove in say 15-20 minutes and "leave" the rock rails on under them...
  13. Just installed Sky one touch retractable power soft top

    I am also interested in your thoughts with doors and rear corners removed, do you "notice" the rear hatch glass, and if you can let us know maybe how it goes with hatch down (in place) and if you can pop it "up" and let air blow through that way?
  14. Sleeping Pad in the JL Unlimited

    Just thinking out loud, is there a place on the A pillar to hook a hammock? I was thinking maybe diagonal corner to corner? I use my Hennessey Hammock for all my "tent camping" needs and I suspect it could be used on the inside of the jeep if the front seats were folded forward...
  15. Boone & Blowing Rock, NC trails?? Brown Mountain OHV area is fairly close by, not terribly hard and looks like they reopen for the year tomorrow!
  16. Sky One-Touch with doors off at Washington Auto Show

    I have to admit, I am one of "those" guys! Wife is 100% sold on the Rubicon with power top and my last 3 or 4 Wranglers the top goes down in April/May and not back up usually until October. I have the luxury of parking inside and leaving it at home on truly nasty rainy days and driving...
  17. JLWF + TFLcar Live Interactive Show Coming Thurs. Dec. 21. Submit your requests/questions!

    With the power top back, side windows out (and doors off), what do you do with the rear hatch? Does this create an odd wind pattern, or could it be opened and left that way so all the air blows through the Wrangler without any ‘blockages?’
  18. JLWF's Live Coverage of JL Wrangler Reveal: Photos, Videos, Info and Q&A

    I would be interested in asking more about the power top and their thoughts on the rear hatch? With doors off, side windows out, top slid back, that seems like a lot of air blowing through against that hatch? Does it stay down, or is it removable too? Or you flip it up, but not sure I have...