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  1. Those of us without navigation

    Actually, they aren’t. And Waze is using a shit ton of information that is both stolen from and given by users. Google doesn’t know where I am nor how I got there nor the path I took. But if you want to provide your info to them feel free (ironic, wasn’t that?).
  2. Those of us without navigation

    Im not sure I understand your point. Waze provides cool information for sure. It also steals as much about you as possible. More than you can even imagine. Nothing is free. In the case of Waze, the cost is your privacy to a degree I can’t abide.
  3. Those of us without navigation

    The Waze app functionality is amazing. That said, I don’t use it. Google knows enough about all of our lives without knowing where I go, when I go, how fast I get there, how fast I drive, what types of roads I take and the frequency with which I drive my vehicle. I’m scared to death of Google.
  4. ○|||||||○ 1 Year Anniversary Check-In ○|||||||○

    On a different vehicle I own I was able to get them to extend my initial contract by six months at $4.99 per month.
  5. You know your dog likes your jeep when....

    This is Seamus, our nine month old golden doodle. We use a harness that is tethered to the seatbelt buckle. Of all the vehicles he likes riding in the jeep the best.
  6. What do i need for a decent speakers upgrade

    The factory alpine came in mine. Sounds great to me especially for a jeep.
  7. Warm-up time

    Does the article espouse throwing it in reverse to back out while the RPMs are at 1500 or 1600?
  8. Warm-up time

    Good point. It does seem though that the RPMs stay high for certain amount of time. There must be a reason for it.
  9. Warm-up time

    For those of you with the 2.0, how long does it take for your engine to warm up? From cold it takes mine about 3 1/2 minutes for the RPMs to drop from 1500 to 900 and I feel comfortable backing out of the garage. Even when driven recently (under an hour) it seems like it takes two minutes in...
  10. JLUR not getting compliments

    This post can't get enough Likes...
  11. Help Me With Maintenance

    Keep up the good work.
  12. Welp...

    Looks like Twitter killed that account.
  13. Welp...

    <blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">please watch this video of my boyfriend complaining about jeeps <a href=""></a></p>&mdash; Scary Mary (@fiercedevlin) <a href="">October 10, 2019</a></blockquote> <script async...
  14. Artificial engine sound

    I’m not sure about other manufacturers but I can stay with certainty that both Bmw and Ford also do this.
  15. 2.0L Turbo non-BSG engine

    2019 Sahara 2.0 for 1524 miles. Great so far. This will be the engine configuration folks will be searching for in a couple of years. It is THAT good. I came out of a 2012 BMW X5 4.4L twin turbo. The power and drivability are tremendous with this JLU. Love it!
  16. What was your previous daily driver?

    2012 BMW X5 96K miles Loved it but it was getting to be a pain in the ass. Dependability was shot. Left me stranded for the second time in a month and that was the end. The search was on. 2019 JLUS Turbo Auto was the winner!
  17. 3 Things...

    From the Owner's Manual: Engine Oil with Filter 2.0L Engine 5 Quarts 4.73 Liters I did take a minute and read the entire thread you linked. I will go outside in a few minutes and check the oil level again. Yes, the dipstick is a PITA. All of that said, I will just use the 5 quarts going...
  18. 3 Things...

    I will change it again at 2500 and then again at 5000 and every 5-6K after that. My car is a BMW. SUV/Truck/Jeep. LOL. Android/Apple? To each his own I guess. The ecosystem is what makes Apple the choice for me. I also use an iPad Pro when I travel for work, a MacBook sits on my desk and...