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  1. When did you do your first oil change.....?

    Drained for between 5 and 10 minutes. Until it was barely a trickle. No real spillage, change my other vehicles oil as well. I’m pretty good at keeping the mess to a minimum. 💪🏻 Never paid attention in other vehicles. Just noticed because this was the first change. Just wanted to check in with...
  2. When did you do your first oil change.....?

    Just changed my oil for the first time. Just under 2,300 miles. There was only about 4.5qts that came out of my 3.6. Any one else been almost a half quart low with so little miles?
  3. Would you duck me? I'd duck me...

    Best title for a forum post ever.
  4. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    unfortunately maintenance is next weekend.
  5. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Took the lid off finally.
  6. 2021 JL with automatic, slams itself in park

    I must admit and it might be my age but I have never towed on a vehicle with a backup camera. When navigating hard turns, can you see the rear of the trailer in the cam? (Seriously, not being sarcastic. Lost track of the serious vs sarcastic comments) I doubt that I will EVER navigate the...
  7. 2021 JL with automatic, slams itself in park

    Used to be able to back up my trailer and park it on a dime down crazy obstacles and alleys, occasionally I would need to see with my own eyes. The reckless behavior comments are hilarious. No hanging my leg out of the vehicle. Damn, these comments are worse than the soccer moms on Facebook.
  8. 2021 JL with automatic, slams itself in park

    I’m the past and in other vehicles, I have had to have my door open while backing in a trailer when I couldn’t trust my mirrors, seat belt off because I was jumping in and out. Can I not do this with my wrangler?
  9. Sliders or Steps

    Thanks for the ideas. Any thoughts on those that are a little cheaper? Under $500 You guys rock.
  10. Alpine sub crossover

    Have the 8.4 Alpine system. I was wondering if there is a crossover on the amp for the sub or is it built into the head unit. Can the sub isn’t terrible but the crossover is set somewhere around or above 100k and I prefer it to be lower. Thanks.
  11. Sliders or Steps

    Looking at steps for my 21 jlur. Would you go with steps or sliders? what’s your opinion? Looking at either : or ...
  12. Jeeps parking next to Jeeps... post yours!

    Wranglers hanging out together at Coney Island Drive Inn!
  13. First oil change before road trip?

    Thanks everyone. Was leaning on getting it done earlier than later. I appreciate the guidance.
  14. Exterior Color Selection

    Never even bothered to look at snazzberry until I saw one in person. I was leaning towards black, until I saw a snazz on the lot. The web photos don’t do these colors justice. Gotta head to the lot and see for real.
  15. First oil change before road trip?

    So I’m at around 1600 miles in my 2021 jlru. I’m getting ready to take a trip from Tampa to Kentucky in a few weeks. This would be my first oil change. Should I change my oil and rotate before hitting the road or just rack up the miles and wait until I’m back. I typically like to do this...
  16. Show the stickers / decals you've added to your Jeep Wrangler JL

    cool idea, is that going to be an issue with possible airbag deployment?
  17. How long to run 4wd when not normally running 4wd.

    Thanks. Always heard (prolly old school) to shift into 4wd from time. Cool!
  18. How long to run 4wd when not normally running 4wd.

    Sorry. I know that subject line is weird. So I don’t run 4wd or off-road often. How long should I engage 4wd (hi or low) and lockers to keep them lubricated and in good working order? Couple minutes? Couple miles? How often? Same for disconnecting the sway bar. thank you