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  1. JL Lean

    Just had a MC GC lift installed on my “stock” JLUR. Had more than 3/4” of lean, with 3/8” of savers in the RR. Took it out unlocked the sway bar and bounced it around the trails a little. Got it home and measured it again. All evened out. Well, +/- 1/8” but definitely good enough for...
  2. JL Lean

    Sounds like great advice, thanks
  3. Alabama 2018 JLUR Takeoff Parts in Huntsville

    Five Rubicon Wheels (wheels and lug nuts only, no tires or TPMS). Like new. Rubicon Rock Rails. $100 for the pair. Clean, no off road or scratches. Pick up only. (or buyer pays shipping)
  4. Best plan for 35" tires with minimal loss of daily driver usability?

    Anyone running 285/75R18 Falken Wildpeak AT3W on a stock JLUR? I’m considering a +20 offset wheel (Fuel Ammo) to keep them tucked under as much as possible. Weekend trails not rock crawlin. The offset calculator says they’ll fit, 1” more backspace, 1” farther out, and 1” less room under the...
  5. 35" Tire recomendation for JLUR, daily driver, mostly highway

    What offset are you running?
  6. Jeep Wrangler JL Sequential LED DRL & Turn Signals - Morimoto XB LED

    I may be in the minority here, but after more hours than I care to admit to, two sets of the “fixed” turn-signals and side markers, and a reflash done by the dealer, I still can’t get them to function properly. Really frustrating. I put the OEM HID back in my JLUR and sending it all back to...
  7. I want to replace factory halogen headlights with LED

    Just had a local off-road company install Inspired Engineering EVO II LED Headlamps and Fog Lights, and Morimoto DRL/Turn Signals on my JLUR. Look great, work great. They installed exactly per instructions, basically plug&play. Technical support from both companies was remarkable. Same day...