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  1. Bumper decision, concern about weight

    You can simulate a heavier bumper - put some weight on the existing one :-) Sand, salt cement from hardware store water is 8.34 lbs/gallon - put a few 5 gallon buckets on the bumper have someone of the approx weight stand on it etc. Then you can measure the before after sag and see what impact...
  2. JL Window Sticker and Build Sheet Order Tracking

    I got in touch with Jeep chat today - said they don't do order codes anymore. Does that seem correct? All I could get is "We do not use letter codes. The status I see it "Awaiting Parts"
  3. JL taillight plug

    This $50 tool?
  4. Unhappy with MPG - looking for ideas

    If the brakes are dragging enough to kill the milage like that then you will be able to tell by touching the wheel - **not the brake itself or the rotor!!**. The dragging brake will be hot or way warmer than the others.
  5. Xtreme Recon Lift Issues

    My experience is with a TJ - but - might it be possible to remove the bump stop extension from the top and place a spacer on the axle side?
  6. Picked up my Rubicon Xtreme Recon - pics and first review / impressions

    When you have time, could you please measure the from the ground to the center of the fog lights or the center of the winch plate on the front? I'm trying to get a ballpark number on the height of the bumper centered between the frame horn mounting bolts...
  7. JL taillight plug

    Is assembling these connectors straight forward, any tips or tricks? Thinking about making some JL flat towing harnesses with these....
  8. 392XR vs Shelby GT 500

    Ha. - I was going to say the same thing. It seems as if high demand Fords go for WAY over MSRP so it's not a good reference. Also the 392 can be had for ~6,000 under MSRP so that increases the spread even more :)
  9. Tail Light, License Plate OEM Pigtails?

    It looks like there's lots of room in the tail light area. Thinking about adding relays (vs diodes) and rolling my own. I'm wondering if anyone has seen just pigtail ends for the OEM tail lights and license plate light. The Mopar solution looks good, but I fear an inability to be able to...
  10. Flat Tow Wiring Harness For 392?

    I found some instructions. It doesn't really look like there's any reason the OEM harness should not work. I have the believe the tub is exactly the same. From what I saw it only connects to the Jeep wiring harness are in the rear lights and a ground connection under the hood. The fact that it's...
  11. Flat Tow Wiring Harness For 392?

    Seems like cool tech could have used relays that disconnects the Jeeps wiring whenever there's power coming. from the rv. I'm not a fan of that switch either.
  12. Bronco reservation to JLURXR order holder.

    Ha, I found out that my "reservation" was going to be delayed to 2023 or 2024 Friday night. Rather than go to a local dealer and pay a 10-15K ADM on a high end Bronco I went for a 392 XRe for a similar price. By Saturday night I had conversations with a few dealers. Tues I placed my order and...
  13. For those skid-plate experts, most critical section that needs armor first??

    I would say protect what's most painful to fix first. In many cases a spotter and good lines will help. If you "drive by feel" then all bets are off :-). Even on simple lines I can see the rear end dropping onto rocks pretty often. Once you get high centered you're pretty much dragging things...
  14. 392 Xtreme Recon Bumper Mounting Bolt Height?

    Trying to figure out flat towing info. Can anyone provide the height of the lower and upper bumper mount holes for a 392 Extreme Recon?
  15. Flat Tow Wiring Harness For 392?

    Thanks, Is something like this needed as well, to deal with the case where the toad brakes are being deployed while turning?
  16. LOD and Demco Excalibar

    I'm looking for a bumper for flat towing. I already have a Demco Excalibar tow bar. I like the LOD Signature bumper has optional frame tie ins AND it has a winch plate which ads an additional frame tie in. I don't see any adapters for Demco on their web site and they don't seem to reply to...
  17. Flat Tow Wiring Harness For 392?

    I'm aware of this part number (82215382AB) for OEM harness for flat towing. Does it work for 392?