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  1. Pennsylvania Tuffy Security enclosure, North of Philly

    Bump with price drop
  2. Pennsylvania Sold: Tuffy Security enclosure, North of Philly

    I sold my Jeep, so now I need to sell the rear security enclosure. It’s the tuffy 345-01. It’s a year in my Jeep, so condition is used but comes with all of the parts necessary for the install. You can see in the pictures that the forward corners were dented in during shipping (it seems they all...
  3. Sold: 8.4” UConnect for sale Philly area

    Since I got rid of my Jeep and bought a Raptor, it’s time for me to get around to selling off my 8.4 inch Uconnect screen. I also have the bezel, GPS antenna, and digital climate controls. Radio is 8.4“ with GPS part number 68295725ZF $1000 shipped Bezel is for the 8.4 pn 6AB55TX7AB included...
  4. Squeal at start-up

    Don’t be a tool
  5. Illinois Rubicon Tire Carrier

    Try some of these folks.
  6. Pennsylvania Philly Area: DV-8 JL-02 tire carrier

    I sold my JL and I’m offloading parts. My DV8 carriers needs to go masking 500 bucks. Pictures and details can be found here:
  7. Pennsylvania Philly area: 2018 JK Rubicon wheels

    I was running these 2018 Rubicon wheels on my 18 JL sport, but I sold the Jeep and would like to move them out off my garage. Comes with tpms sensors, asking 550. The pictures can be seen at my accompanying craigslist ad.
  8. Pennsylvania Philly area: Free stock sport suspension parts.

    I just got rid of my JL, so the hopes of returning it to stock are somewhere between slim and none. I have the springs, shocks, steering damper, and probably the sway bar links. If you need the stock stuff, it’s yours for the hauling away. Also, I have the stock front bumper minus the fog...
  9. Upgrading from the 5" UConnect3 to 7" UConnect4?

    They offered me a partial refund, but nowhere near the value of the missing parts. I’ve yet to see it though.
  10. Upgrading from the 5" UConnect3 to 7" UConnect4?

    I ordered the climate control kit from Infotainment last week, and just received it this morning. Let’s just say I’m less than thrilled right now. They advertised the kit as a full, less than 5 minute drop in solution, with all the bits and pieces. That is, in addition to the switch panel and...
  11. Easy and cheap doorless mirrors

    Not in any way
  12. WTB PA NJ NY JLU Hard top

    Hi all, I’m looking for a 4 door hard top in either black or granite crystal. If anyone has one to sell, please let me know. Thanks!
  13. Locker Options for Sport

    I don’t suppose you could share your source for the takeoff components. Did they only have one set, or are they the sort of place that deals in used take off parts?
  14. Handgun Magnet

    Live in Kalifornia much?;)
  15. Mod shops in philly area

    There’s a place in Horsham called Busted Knuckle that specializes in Jeeps. I’ve seen a few of their tricked out JL builds and I drool every time I see them.
  16. Alex Rodriguez transforms Jeep Wrangler into 'mean' metallic machine with HUMIDOR

    I was hoping for more of a smoking lounge vibe. You know, cedar lined panels, big leather chairs, smoke eater, etc... I was disappointed that they didn’t show the humidor install.
  17. 315/70R17 on the stock tire carrier?

    Keep in mind, not all tires are created equal. KO2s are a bit on the small side. My Cooper STT Pro’s in 315/70/17 measured out at 34.7, and did not fit without a relocation bracket.
  18. DIY Power Soft Top

    That’s very cool, nice work!
  19. Rubicon For sale - 5 x JL Rubicon Rims. No TPMS - Dallas, TX

    You drive a hard bargain. How much for the front half?