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  1. For Those Who Change Their Own Oil

    I prefer to drain my oil into one of these, it's amazing how much oil they can absorb.
  2. For owners ... how is the awd??

    Snow driving is more about the tire than it is drivetrain. Ive only had my wrangler for 2 months and ive barely used the 4auto, im extremely impressed with how good the traction is even in the rain, in 2wd so i haven't felt like i needed it much. The tires that came on my sport s are incredible...
  3. There is no perfect engine

    I mostly bought mine because of the way that it is. Im getting 22.7 mpg avg on 35 mph back roads with plenty of stop signs and traffic lights, not really possible by driving it like a sports car. Just asking questions and learning is all. Edit: And being a little sarcastic at the same time...
  4. There is no perfect engine

    Fair enough, that is probably similar to a sports car with extremely sticky tires. Tons of inertia to overcome just applied differently.
  5. There is no perfect engine

    Built up heavy duty suspension cant handle the might of a Wrangler launching off the line at breakneck Wrangler type speeds?
  6. There is no perfect engine

    I'm loving my 3.6 e torque so far. I'll never fully trust any i4 with tons of low end torque. Tons of low end torque=tons of stress in the engine. That thing better be bulletproof to last a long time.
  7. Dawn powerwash!

    Tires? Don't you mean potatoes? Don't wash potatoes in soap.
  8. Dang! No more Crystal Granite Metallic :-(

    I got granite crystal because its almost the same color that my 2013 g37 was and i always loved that, it also goes well with the hardtop imo.
  9. 2021 V6 3.6 24v VVT fuel efficiency?

    The epa are generally pretty fair with their estimates. It should be fairly easy to achieve. Im averaging 22 right now but i have a sport s with much lower rolling resistance. On my drive home from the dealer i had it as high as 26 over the course of a few dozen miles according to the dash. Im...
  10. JL/JLU/JT Seat Slammers - Big and Tall Front Seat Drop (Desert Does It)

    Get a file, sandpaper and there will be no sharp edges.
  11. Last Jeep I will ever own.

    True, better just light the jeep on fire and cut your losses.
  12. Last Jeep I will ever own.

    Yup, lemon law. Every brand has lemons, you got unlucky, this is exactly why those laws exist.
  13. How to get more power with better gas mileage

    Re gear your axels. People only talk about this when it comes to large tires but combined with this 8 speed i think it would make the jeeps accelerate a lot faster. My sport s with its stock 31" tires has a first gear that red lines somewhere around 35 mph. Its geared tall enough to not spin the...
  14. How long did it take to get your 2 door?

    From ordering to delivery was 3 weeks on my sport s hard top.
  15. New Jeep Owners: What was your last car, and WHY JEEP?

    In the last year and a half I went from a 2018 wrx to a 2009 sienna to a 2021 type r to a 2021 wrangler. Bought the WRX brand new, loved it, wanted to get a house, can only afford fixer-uppers near me. Can't fix up a house with a WRX. Figured a van would be plenty, about to buy a house I'd...
  16. Max Payload for Overlanding

    upgrade brakes would probably be the first thing to consider after suspension. Just drive extra safe.
  17. My hood prop stolen

    Im not sure how my reply to this got posted above this but thanks for the hood alarm tip I'm gonna look into that.