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  1. New Forbes Article on the JL Launch And Jeep Brand

    Great article! Only thing I found odd was that my adopted home state of Minnesota was the only state with Wrangler outside the top 5 in the cited CarMax search stats. Can't explain that.
  2. Painted fenders or not?

    I am likely getting a Sport and doing some mods as that better fits my use, but I will still offer another opinion. The majority of this opinion is carry-over on black vs painted from the JK. In my area, most JK Saharas are mall crawlers, and I prefer Sport or Rubicon. The feature of the JK...
  3. I’m at the dealership as we speak! Is this a good deal!? I’m nervous Doc fees vary widely by state. TX appears to have a $150 cap, but try to get lower. MN is a standard $100 for me.
  4. Shifting into 4WD

    I test drove a Sport this week, and I had a similar experience with needing to pull much harder than expected to get into 4H. Even rolled it back and forth before pulling harder. Much different than my TJ. Did not try shifting to 4L on the JL.
  5. Ocean Blue and Punk'n Ordering is now Open!

    There have been a few comments about not wanting tan soft tops. Is this simply a preference against the tan color, or is there some other downside I am missing? I am considering a tan for the soft top if I get the dual top group (with Punk'n). I understand wanting darker seats for stains, etc.
  6. PUNK'N Wrangler Jl club

    I did not intend the hijack the Punk'n thread into a discussion on transmission preferences, but the question of manual or not does determine whether I need to order or not. Not as many "good" reasons as there used to be. Gas mileage isn't better than auto any more. I do like the control. I...
  7. PUNK'N Wrangler Jl club

    I am not in a hurry and not making any decisions until the turbo-4 is released. I initially thought I would be willing to give up the manual transmission if I liked the turbo-4, but the lag time has me leaning back to the manual for now. Either way I am keeping my manual TJ.
  8. In 2 sentences or less, what about the Wrangler brand most speaks to your love of it?

    ^^^^^ And Keeps it simple. Nothing stays in my unlocked soft top unless I don't care if that stuff walks away.
  9. PUNK'N Wrangler Jl club

    Punk'n will be my color assuming I need to order to get the setup I want with manual, etc.