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  1. Should I spend the money on a soft top for Summer??

    When I had my '13 JKU, I kept wishing I had bought a soft top instead of a hard top. Get the soft top.
  2. JL and high winds...

    Next time, put the top down, so there would be less wind resistance.
  3. Chrysler extended warranty question

    Warranties purchased at the dealership are negotiable, just like everything else.
  4. Check out this baby... I don't have the words.

    My wife wouldn't be mad at me if I drove home in a new JLUR. She would likely divorce me if I drove home in that polished turd. Hmmmm...
  5. Steven Carrizales no longer at Mac Haik

    Sometimes, road trips are priceless.
  6. Brown's Jeep in VA beat Criswell

    $850 doc fee? Forget that! I would have walked over that. Hope you enjoy your new Jeep when it arrives. :jk:
  7. I got bored waiting--So I got this!!!

    Looks nice and clean. Good luck! :jk:
  8. 2018 Left Overs

    This. 3 months ago, I bought a left over '18, for 21% off sticker.
  9. Pulled over for no doors

    I live in NEPA, and I hate this state. Most F'd up state I've lived in. I see ATVs running down the street all the time. Motorcyclists with no helmets. Getting a ticket for no doors on the Wrangler is just stupid.
  10. Brutally played by Southern Jeep Chrysler in Chesapeake VA

    Its amazing how stealerships like that can stay in business. And how can I get that lucky?
  11. New Bikini Rubicon!

    Wow! Much nicer shade of blue than "Chief".
  12. The HellFire JL

    I wonder how this build would handle the Green Hell, on Truck Night in America.
  13. Driving in snow and couldn't see sh*t

    Until they reveal DNA material you didn't need to see...
  14. Dealer Mistake In Lease Agreement - Wants Me To Re-Sign Contract

    Yes, this was a bad deal. OP got raped on the deal. OP, hope you're enjoying the new Jeep.
  15. snow plow options for JLU

    Snow Dogg also makes a plow for the JL. Model MD, part number 16064315 :beer::jk:
  16. is this why Jeeps keep catching on fire?

    It's OK for the radio to have fire inside. It's all good until the smoke gets out. Then you have a problem.
  17. Anyone have 2.0 Turbo regret?

    Cost of lifetime warranty???
  18. HellaYella Sahara great color choice

    Don't care for Hellayella, but would do Punkin., which the wife doesn't like.
  19. Why is it so hard to say goodbye?

    Sold my '13 JKU a couple of years ago, now I want another Wrangler. My Grand Cherokee is great, but, it's not a Wrangler.
  20. snow plow options for JLU

    From my research in the last couple of weeks, I've found that Boss makes a plow for JL Sport as well as a plow for the JLU Rubicon. JL Sport: Product MSRP Price* LTA11950 LTA11950 - UC/RT3,HTX/SPORT,JEEP WRANGLER JL,18+ $0.00 STB15035 STB15035 - PLOW BOX,RT3-STR,SH2 HTX,SL3,D-F $3,942.30...