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  1. JL Sport S 6 Speed Manual 3.6 or 8 speed Auto 2.0????

    I’m actually kind of in a similar boat. I currently have a 2019 Sport S manual transmission and I’m kicking myself for not going with the rubicon to begin with for various reasons. Now, I’m considering trading my manual transmission Sport S for a 2020 rubicon with an automatic transmission...
  2. Oklahoma Sold: (5) Nitto Mud Grappler 35x12.5x17 $1350obo

    Nitto Mud Grappler 35x12.5x17 400 miles on them Zero miles on the spare Tires retail for $2100 PM with questions or offers
  3. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Yes. It’s the one with the spiderweb sides.
  4. North Carolina 2020 Rubicon take off Suspension

    There is another option. 61/62 and 91/92. I’m not sure of the exact specs of the vehicle but I think since the numbers are higher the springs may be taller.
  5. Oklahoma New Bestop Trektop NX $1000

    Brand new in box Trektop NX for JLU Black twill. $1200 Shipped $1000 Local Pick Up
  6. Oklahoma New/Never Opened Mopar Locking Gas Cap $70

    Well would you look at that... Why would MOPAR be listing the same item on a different platform for so much less? Anyway, well if you want it I’ll ship it to ya for $60. Or you can buy it from Amazon and I’ll see if my local Jeep place will give me store credit for it. It’s just been sitting...
  7. Oklahoma New/Never Opened Mopar Locking Gas Cap $70

    How about I save you $25 by shipping it to you for $70 ;)
  8. Oklahoma New/Never Opened Mopar Locking Gas Cap $70

    Yeah, but that’s plus tax and almost $17 to ship it FedEx ground. I think $70 shipped is a more than fair deal. I may be able to get retail price store credit from a local place if you or someone else doesn’t want it. Just haven’t gotten around to visiting the shop with everything going on...
  9. Tops off... Dogs in

    The cone sporting guy is like the first born child whose younger siblings are actors, models, musicians, singers, and all-star athletes in the limelight. Definitely have to show him some extra attention in shadow of his malamute brothers and sisters.
  10. Tops off... Dogs in

    Wait, wait... Get my GOOD side!
  11. Oklahoma JLU Black Textured Hardtop $1700

    The hardtop rode for just under 5,000 miles. I got a soft top and don’t see any point in keeping the hardtop. It’s being stored at another property so I’ll get a picture when I go there in a few days. Perfect condition. Willing to drive up to two hours if you’re in a surrounding state.
  12. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    No more escape attempts!
  13. Texas 2019 Rubicon Suspension

    I’m interested. What are the spring and shock numbers? What part of Texas?
  14. 4WP Fail

    The communication with their customers is almost on par with the “In Stock” items on their website.
  15. 4WP Fail

    Sounds about right. His name is Marcos. He was actually pretty understanding and helpful.
  16. 4WP Fail

    If you call, they’ll offer you a promo card so you can have another equally shitty experience purchasing something else Actually, I’m speaking out of turn since I haven’t used the promo card yet. Maybe that shopping experience will be better.
  17. 4WP Fail

    Sorry you had a crappy experience with this crappy company. Is the item something you can order elsewhere?