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  1. Rollbar rattle

    I noticed that the plastic on the rollbar on the interior of the Jeep (July) tends to rattle quite a bit. I was wondering if there are any recommended products that could insulate the plastic. Or even better; are there any replacement parts for the plastic covers? Thanks for the help
  2. Just received my jlur punk’n

    Thanks everyone! And what do you by checking the fuses? Thank you!
  3. Just received my jlur punk’n

    I received my Jeep just over for weeks from the order date! I absolutely love it! Can’t wait to add things and be a part of this Jeep community (it’s my first Jeep). What are important things to be aware of when becoming a first time Jeep owner? (Service, type of oil, mods, accessories...
  4. Post your 2019 JL build status

    So pretty! Congrats!
  5. Post your 2019 JL build status

    Great build! I almost did the same thing but then I went with punk’n :) I didn’t get the steel bumper and the tow group.. enjoy your new Jeep! And I’m still waiting: order date: 02/09/19
  6. What JL/JLU Wrangler Have You Ordered? Post and Vote Your Configuration Here!

    Just ordered my punk’n jlur, 3.6l, Auto, 8.4 inch, black hardtop, matching fender flares, leather, cold weather, proximity, led, floor mats. Can’t wait to see the final product!