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  1. Delaware Rough Country Speedometer Calibrator

    Found this is vehicle specific, can’t be re-used.
  2. Delaware Sold: Rough Country Speedometer Calibrator

    Used to recalibrate speedometer due to larger tires. Compatible with JL, JLU and JT. Located in N Delaware $150 OBO Rough Country Part #: 90019 Speedometer Calibration: When larger wheels and tires are added to a Jeep, the speedometer no longer reads correctly. This tool allows you to easily...
  3. Delaware Method wheels and 35 inch BFG KO2 AT

    Sorry, forgot to take this post down.
  4. Delaware Bestop Sunrider for Hardtop

    Sale pending, will close this listing once sale is completed.
  5. Delaware Sold: Bestop Sunrider for Hardtop

    Used premium twill sunrider for hardtop. Parting out my Jeep, used this last summer and a month so far this spring. Top has all hardware and is in great condition. I have a bottle of Bestop conditioner to include as well. Asking $650. Located in N Delaware...
  6. Delaware Sold: Method wheels and 35 inch BFG KO2 AT

    5 17in Method MR 301 wheels with 35in (LT315/70 R17) BFG KO2 All Terrains. No scratches on the wheels, TPMS included, tires are load C. 4,300 miles on 4 tires since Oct 2020, spare has zero miles. $2,200 OBO. Located in Northern Delaware.
  7. Delaware JLU Premium Twill Soft Top

    Sold, sorry
  8. Delaware JLU Premium Twill Soft Top

    You are welcome to do the research and let me know what you find.
  9. Delaware JLU Premium Twill Soft Top

    Top is in hand and in original packaging. Added a picture of the part number
  10. Delaware JLU Premium Twill Soft Top

    Bump I will have pics on Saturday of the box with part number. I’m driving from Koons in VA to Delaware and can arrange drop off/meet somewhere in between, if anyone is interested.
  11. Delaware Sold: JLU Premium Twill Soft Top

    I have a premium twill soft top that will be available on 10/11. Top is black with tinted windows and from a 2021 4 door Rubicon. Never installed and in original packaging. Located in Northern Delaware, could meet reasonably in DE/PA/NJ/MD. Asking $1,800.
  12. Delaware Sold: SALE PENDING - 5 2021 Rubicon BFG KO2 Take Offs

    I'm picking up my 2021 Rubicon 10/10 and have a new set of wheels/tires ready to install. I'm looking to sell my 5 OEM Rubicon wheels and BFG KO2 All Terrains. Tires will have approx 250 miles on them (spare with zero) and include the TPMS. Tires can be picked up on 10/11. Located in Northern...
  13. Delaware Rubicon Takeoffs

    Wheels/tires should be available in 2-3 weeks. Soft top and rock rails too.