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  1. Anyone place an order for a 2022?

    Military Auto Sales. They haven’t even *placed* the order. They told me the order books weren’t open. When I responded that CONUS dealers had been placing orders for a week (at that time), they ghosted me. When I contacted a different salesperson they said “that doesn’t seem right, I’ll look...
  2. Anyone place an order for a 2022?

    Damn I wish I was back CONUS. if MAS doesn’t respond today I’m canceling my order and demanding my deposit back.
  3. Anyone place an order for a 2022?

    I contacted MAS. I told them the story, that I wasn’t trying to cause trouble I just wanted to get my order in ASAP. “No problem, I will check into it and get right back to you.” That was 3 days ago.
  4. Think twice before buying a 4xe

    They kept bumping up the price till they outbid my willingness to buy a 1st gen of this tech. Now I’m trying my hardest to put in an order for an ICE Wrangler. I’ll let others test the tech, the Wrangler I get should hold its value fairly well till the full EV Wrangler has a year or two to get...
  5. Anyone place an order for a 2022?

    Who knows? I’m about to give up.
  6. Anyone place an order for a 2022?

    Wondering if I should just cancel my reservation with MAS and wait a couple years till I’m back in the states. By then the new Wrangler will be out. SMH
  7. Current lead time on new JL order

    Y’all are ordering Jeeps???
  8. Anyone place an order for a 2022?

    Y'all are killin' me. I sent the saleswoman an email saying "folks in CONUS are placing orders right now." She hasn't replied.
  9. Let us hear that you want Core Doors!

    Sorry, I didn’t read all 10 pages but wanted to add that it would be great if someone would make tan twill uppers for half doors. We’re ordering a tan top and would love to have a half door with tan uppers option.
  10. Anyone place an order for a 2022?

    White with tan top, retro stripes. Maybe a grumpy grill and 22s
  11. Anyone place an order for a 2022?

    Doesn’t surprise me. MAS is a stereotypical dealership experience. :(
  12. Anyone place an order for a 2022?

    Because MAS says they “still haven’t received 2022 specs yet.” :facepalm: I really wish I was back in CONUS.
  13. Would you buy a Lambent Earth colored JL?

    I dig it but would need to see it on a Jeep before putting my own money down.
  14. Help Jeep pick a new color

    I appreciate the thought, but I’m at the mercy of Military Auto Sales. They’re terrible and also a monopoly.
  15. Help Jeep pick a new color

    I have $500 deposit that gets me a 22 for 21 MSRP. Best I could do OCONUS. Gotta finalize next Saturday. Maybe a new color will drop in time for us to change? I know we‘ll be waiting for 5+ months anyway…
  16. Help Jeep pick a new color

    I’ve given up. We have to formalize our order next weekend. If Snazzberry and Gecko really are gone (and I’m sure they are), we will probably be ordering a white Rubi unless my better half decides to get that new light-gray-silver-whatever Zenith color. The list of great Jeep colors I cannot...
  17. October 5 is tomorrow. Will the rumors come true?

    2 doors can still get Snazzberry? I was told 4 door cannot order it any longer.
  18. 4xe - Colored Dashboard

    You can also wrap it or have a shop wrap it. Tons of color choices.
  19. 2022 Rubicon 2.0 or Willy's Xtreme Recon 3.6 ?

    I’m asking the same question. Sorry i didn’t see your post, gonna follow both. Will they allow XR on a Willys Sport? Thought it was Willys only?