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  1. Refuse delivery if...

    The one on the steering wheel looks like it might have been in the plastic before the silver was applied since there’s no blemish in the finish
  2. Refuse delivery if...

    One of the issues looks like a defect in materials. At the very end of a piece of leather where it’s stitched to the next section, there’s a tiny flaw in the leather that lets the white backing material show. The other one may have occurred during manufacture or shipping. It’s a small...
  3. Refuse delivery if...

    Word to the wise. Inspect your Jeep carefully at delivery and reject delivery until you have it in writing that any cosmetic flaws are documented and will be addressed. I was in a hurry on the day I picked mine up and now have a hassle on my hands. My dealer is having to fight with FCA to...
  4. Pay for warranty work??

    Re: improper shifting... I believe the owner’s manual says that if you move the shift lever to too low of a gear while cruising at highway speed, even if you don’t let off the clutch, the transmission can be damaged. I can only assume that’s because it might make something spin too fast like...
  5. Need quick answers. Placing new order. Hard-top or soft-top?

    Order the hard top from the factory and add a soft top later if you want. Why? Because when you order the factory hard top, you get all of the wiring and switches in the dash for the rear wiper and rear defroster. That is more expensive to add later plus you have to tear the dash and...
  6. Door Closes Sub-Flush - Paint Damage

    Exact same thing happening on my 2 door Rubi. Doors sit just a tad deeper than flush.
  7. end of 2019 orders and start of 2020?

    Looks like they’re just getting back to fairly normal buildout/changeover dates. Historically (pre JL), the new model year builds always started the last week of July.
  8. Crashed JLU Rubicon Ocean Blue - advice needed auto body repair

    Just noticed that too. I used to live not far from there but moved away 6 yrs ago
  9. JL Window Sticker and Build Sheet Order Tracking

    Not at all unusual. You ordered at the tail end of an allocation period (the January allocation period for February builds). That always seems to be the fastest cycle time provided you order something which still has allocation available. Otherwise, your order sits until the next allocation...
  10. Gorilla Glass Windshield for JL - Not Available

    I had a Gorilla Glass windshield on my JK and will definitely put one in my JL. The optical clarity was absolutely incredible (almost like there was no glass there at all) and it definitely resisted breakage better than a stock windshield.
  11. KZS status a mystery?

    Let me guess... you ordered from a smallish dealer that has lots of stale inventory on their lot.
  12. 8 weeks and counting in KZ (Finally Delivered)

    No issues at all and all I had was a signed POC too. My reorder arrived in 38 days.
  13. The clutch gang!

    Every Jeep I’ve ever owned has done this. As stated above, it’s just lash in the driveline.
  14. On the lot deals

    What config are you looking for?
  15. Where to keep RPM's?

    I’ve noticed that the ratios are much different (better) than my JK Rubicon. The owner’s manual has a few pages on optimal shift and cruising speeds which in my observation seems to support that 2K rpm recommendation
  16. Post your 2019 JL build status

    Picked mine up today. 38 days from order to delivery
  17. Post your 2019 JL build status

    Mine left the factory on a truck this morning at 7:48AM. It’s less than a 6 hour drive to the dealer so it should be here today or tomorrow depending on how many intermediate stops they need to make.
  18. Post your 2019 JL build status

    Keep in mind that the plant was shut down from the 11th to the 22nd so that will make your D1 wait longer than normal. Mine went D1 on the 3rd also and got started before the shut down then sat on the line in G status until the 22nd.