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  1. Just don't buy the 4xe! Please don't!

    1100 miles in my wife's 4xe Rubicon. Not one issue. 1.5 tanks of gas so far. Level 1 charging. She loves it. I would say the OP is ill informed and should have started the Lemon process weeks ago. But as others have said- way more clicks if you state don't buy a 4ex and grandstand.
  2. 4xe cheaper than JLUR 2.0T ! ($7500 Rebate Explained)

    All good for me. Don't want to stir anything up. It's the wife's Jeep and she loves it. 💯 battery for her commute both ways. Not really practical for me as I have a 40 mile EW commute. I ordered something to replace my F250
  3. 4xe cheaper than JLUR 2.0T ! ($7500 Rebate Explained)

    Nope. It's a disgruntled statement on how much I have to pay...... 😳
  4. 4xe cheaper than JLUR 2.0T ! ($7500 Rebate Explained)

    Paid $40K in FED taxes. But sounds like I'm good.
  5. 4xe cheaper than JLUR 2.0T ! ($7500 Rebate Explained)

    Ok. So if we use my example. I paid $40K in taxes. Also had some capital gains for ~$3K. So in my simple math; $43+3k= $43K taxes paid. So I owe nothing. I will get $7,500 off $43K meaning my tax liability would be $43-7500. So I would get the full $7,500 back. If I owed anything else, it...
  6. Test drove a Bronco Wildtrack.

    There was a Catus 4dr at my Ford dealer. Top was a hot mess. Poor gaps, fiberglass threads hanging poor repaired corner in the tool, scratch by the tail lamp that was noted at the plant with red wax pen but shipped anyways. Interior was underwhelming at best. A lot of plastic and rubber. Stuff...
  7. Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon CDI

    CDI is employee pricing. If you can get it lower than that by negotiating then good luck and that's a great deal.
  8. New wrangler custom order mileage and other concerns

    Yours went through the audit most likely. Check the drivers door for a sticker. All that stuff gets loaded prior to KZ.
  9. New wrangler custom order mileage and other concerns

    FCA like other car companies do a daily audit of about 20 cars randomly picked for in depth quality checks. They review the findings and the vehicles sometime in the afternoon. Part of the check is a dedicated driving route that all vehicles take regardless of model or trim. It's usually about...
  10. JL Window Sticker and Build Sheet Order Tracking

    I would not rely on the tracker. We have window sticker and Jeep is in NJ on its way to TX (don't ask why...) tracker shows neither
  11. JL Window Sticker and Build Sheet Order Tracking

    Just got my wife's sticker today. Had a buddy check on it and it was shipped to the the rail car 22nd. Should be here in a week or so. Texas. we ordered 15th May. The last 19 Jeep we ordered took 3 weeks to keys in hand but it was helped along once I got a VIN.
  12. 4xE Order Status??

    My wife's 4xe Rubicon doesn't show on either crypto or the Jeep sticker website but Jeep chat told me it's pre KZ and will most likely head out in a few days.
  13. Whats coming in 2022?

    My wife just ordered a 21 Rubicon 4xe. Will she go off road. Pby not but she liked the hood, the wheels and tire set up. She has a 2109 loaded Sahara now. Comes in at $64, we get EP pricing @$59 less the $7500 and it's a good deal. Her commute is 8 miles each way so she will be in battery 100%...
  14. New JL Steering Issue TSB 08-074-20 (for "Improved Steering Feel")

    @JeepCares just went to my dealer (Classis Jeep Ram Dodge) here in Denton TX, was just told they will not order parts until they get to diagnose it. It's 106 here today, Jeep is all over the place. Please help
  15. Sky One-Touch Power Top owners poll

    @Bubba33 - have you ever tried and driven one? Seems like personal preference of someone that thinks all Jeep’s need to have canvas tops (or none) and drive off-road to the office on 37s instead of a lot of folks who enjoy the concept and look of a Jeep and the amenities it provides. From your...
  16. Jeep announces that 2018's will NOT get the Off-Road pages

    Picked up our 19 last night. It has them. Custom order in 3 weeks.
  17. This is what a 60 MPH crash into a parked car looks like in a Jeep JL

    So to be clear. The Jeep is tested to the mandatory standards. 5-40 mph (the worst being offset frontal) That is what the tests are rated at. We can all look at a Jeep and say wow that doesn’t look good. If it was 80mph and the Jeep was in pieces would we say it didn’t perform well or failed...