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  1. Oil Catch Can For 3.0L Diesel?

    It has taken me this long to get back to everyone because frankly it has been a frustrating failure. Right after my last post it threw a code and I have been working on it since. I cleared the code and tried a bunch of things to make this work without a code. I used larger fittings and hoses, I...
  2. Oil Catch Can For 3.0L Diesel?

    I did not. I don't see why you would, you're simply splicing this into the middle. It doesn't impede the vacuum going through it.
  3. Oil Catch Can For 3.0L Diesel?

    I installed this:
  4. Throttle enhancers

    OK, I bought my coal burner in Dec. of 2020. I had the Hikeit here when it came home because I test drove a ZR2 diesel and it had the death throttle and I fully expected that with the 3.0 based on these forums. For the record I never test drove a JL little lone a 3.0, just ordered it. Moving...
  5. Brake controller?

    Thank you. I realize now I should have searched a little harder for the answer. Again, thank you.
  6. Brake controller?

    Mopar lists one for the JL but for the life of me I can't find that pictures location in the JL. So is it simply a stock pic and the controller will end up in some strange place? Has anyone actually installed a controller and also was it a different brand? If I am going to bastard this machine...
  7. Stop/shut off feature?

    You can turn that "Feature" off with this. I am also waiting for my build. I am getting the above, the soft peddle fix ( and...