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  1. California SOLD

    Maybe this should be priced a little more aggressively. Amazon has this for $475, and Extreme terrain for $525. Hard to justify paying the price not to far from new, for a used without warranty
  2. New Jersey JLU premium soft top new in box

    Lol, no sorry.
  3. New Jersey JLU premium soft top new in box

    No clue how to edit, but she will do $1250 firm
  4. New Jersey JLU premium soft top new in box

    A buddy is selling a new (in box) premium soft top for JL 4 door. Located near flemington NJ (northern no)for $1500. May be Slightly negotiable.
  5. New Jersey 2019 JL Granite Hardtop - 4 door

    A Buddy is selling a Granite color 4 door hard top for $2k (from a 2019 wrangler rubicon )In Stanhope NJ. She Currently has it listed on Facebook Market place. If interested, feel free to message me or please locate the Ad on Facebook; The as title is below JL rubicon hardtop color matched...
  6. Steering stabilizer For use with 2”mopar lift

    What do you mean by Equal Force
  7. Steering stabilizer For use with 2”mopar lift

    Anyone know the difference between the Fox steering stabilizer 2.0 ($143) and the falcon 2.1 ($259)? I just installed the 2” Mopar lift with 35’s and have the Yetti SteerSmarts track bar on order. My preference is to purchase the fox stabilizer due to price but not if it’s no good. What...
  8. Who added new track bars to their Mopar lifted JL?

    Damn, which I read this before I ordered. I really wanted to order something that would work and be on the cheaper side.thanks for your review
  9. Who added new track bars to their Mopar lifted JL?

    THanks guys. I ended up ordering the one from SteerSmarts. Hopefully the price is worth it.
  10. Who added new track bars to their Mopar lifted JL?

    Good afternoon. I installed the 2” Mopar Lift on my JL sport and am looking for an adjustable front Track bar to alight the axle ( I didn’t look at the rear). I believe my Jeep lifted into the 3” range. I need to order from Extreme Terrain because of a credit I have with them... so I was...
  11. New Jersey 5 XD137 fmj 20x10 -18

    Great deal! Good luck with sale!
  12. Texas For sale: Black JLU Hard top (Austin, TX)

    Great deal. I’m in Ny
  13. 2” mopar vs 2.5” rough country suspension / spacer lift

    I am trying to compare a 2” mopar lift ($1500ish) vs a 2.5” Rough Country suspension/Spacer Lift ($200-$300) in parts. Can someone please go into detail about them and explain the pros/ cons and the ride quality of both. I only read of people installing the Mopar 2”, so I assume the Rough...
  14. Aftermarket seats

  15. Aftermarket seats

    I’ve already purchased a gel seat and back cushion, maybe needs a lumbar support. I currently do not have issues with my older Honda and did not have any with my previous explorer. I’m thinking of seats like these. If anyone has any experience with these type of seats, please advise.
  16. Aftermarket seats

    Good evening, I’m having some issues with tightness in my back when I drive my 2018 JLU. I was wondering if anyone has swapped out their seats in their current Wrangler or even maybe in one in the past. I am looking into Corbeau XRS seats from Quadratec. Anyone have any other options for...
  17. JL Lease info.

    A cost of $0.279/mile after all taxes and fees are rolled in seemed very amazing as a lease offer to me. I just don’t feel like it’s mine to modify lol, especially since I’d be stupid to buy it out after leasing . The problem with initially buying it outright in the beginning would be...