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  1. Dealers % Below Invoice on 2022 Wranglers

    I also highly recommend Travis. His e-mail is treyno[email protected]
  2. October 5 is tomorrow. Will the rumors come true?

    So the Xtreme Recon is not available on the Willys Sport, so the cheapest you can get it is $48,120 on the Willys with automatic if my math is right. Wow, I expected something was off, but they weren't even close on the pricing they originally released.
  3. October 5 is tomorrow. Will the rumors come true?

    Any updates on the Willys (Sport) Xtreme Recon, pricing or availability?
  4. Anyone here sell their Jeep to Vroom?

    I have sold to Vroom, Carmax, and Carvana. Shop them all. Then you can try GiveMeTheVIN or ALGo and see if they can beat it. The easiest sales I have had were the ones to Carvana and GMTV where I was able to drop the car off myself. They all have good points and bad, but are all better than...
  5. Dual Top Option Question

    There have been reports of the dual top option going way up in price (like $1200) for new factory orders. If that is the case, ordering a hard top and shopping for a new take-off or aftermarket soft top might be the better option.
  6. Just got home from Bronco event...

    (Raises hand) It's okay. I am not going to wait years? for a compromised spec, which is what is on offer if you want one now. I have a JLUR 4XE incoming and if we really like it, we may keep them both or scrap the Bronco altogether.