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  1. Maryland Vgate obd2 reader and cable

    Works with Jscan app to delete codes and change settings. Used once. $45.00 shipped
  2. selling to vroom

    does anyone here have real world experience selling there jeep to vroom. How did it work and how soon did you get paid.
  3. Morning issues.

    Went to garage and Jeep wouldn’t start. I think it’s possessed. Radio turned on wipers turned on and every light was flashing.
  4. camera cover

    yea its like i need a lug nut thats 4 inches long to get it to attach to something. What is that lip that slides out supposed to go behind?
  5. camera cover

    after putting on new wheels and tires when i go to put the camera cover on it goes on fine but when you turn the screw it doesn't attach to anything. am i missing something obvious or is it just designed to work with stock wheels.
  6. steering issues after lift

    Just as an update to this thread you guys were correct the caster was off currently it have it at right around 4-4.5. And yes the front axle is shifted to the drivers side these photos show it
  7. Tpms issues

    I have not done that. I don’t have any big name tire stores around here .
  8. Tpms issues

    I’ve tried all the suggestions here. None of them have showed up. I sent an email to tpms bargains to see what the next step is
  9. Tpms issues

    I hope this is not the case I went with the oem that was recommended
  10. Tpms issues

    I put new 35’s on my jlu 18 sport. I purchased the sensors new from tpms bargains. I spend almost 200 for 5 sensors and I can’t get them to show up. I’ve drove three trips to work which is Ruffly 15 miles each trip. It’s just shows red at all 4 wheels. Anyone have any suggestions
  11. steering issues after lift

    would a new steering stabilzer help as well?
  12. steering issues after lift

    i did not just springs, shocks, sway bars and bump stops
  13. steering issues after lift

    so im thinking this is an age old problem. My buddy and i installed a quadratec 2.5 in lift on my 18 jlu sport. also put 35 in tires on it. Love the look. However the steering isn't right. It doesn't track well and wonders. and vibrates some. I checked the air pressure this morning and set them...
  14. Black diamond vs twill top

    New tops the cheapest I can find is 2200
  15. Black diamond vs twill top

    It’s the same hardware, however the windows and fabric are different. It costs about 1700 to purchase new windows and fabric to go from black diamond to twill
  16. Black diamond vs twill top

    I have the black diamond on my jl. Is it worth the 1700 to upgrade the fabric and windows to twill.
  17. Maryland Sold: Jeep jl 4 door freedom Hard Top

    selling my freedom hard top. im located at zipcode 21536. Top is in great condition with only 24,000 miles on it. Looking to get $2000 pm me or text 8149796441