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  1. Generally, at what angle will Jeep roll over?

    Back in the TJ days, I recall the rollover angle was around 45°. My modded TJ was lifted, but also hid wider wheels. I took that to 40° once. Unfortunately, this was in the days before digital cameras were popular. I used to teach, and the site I used had a bank which was 25°. Land Rover...
  2. Love My New Willys Sport

    I love my Green Willys, with the tan top.
  3. What’s in your Rear Cargo Space?

    Unfortunately, mine came with the Alpine sub woofer (2dr) which I want to remove without cutting the cables. Just need to find time to try and find where it plugs into after disappearing under the carpet and into the wheel well area.
  4. Pick 3. Which 2021 colors would you VOTE off the island for 2022?

    Granite Crystal Metallic (dark metallic gray) Sting-Gray (light primer gray) Snazzberry Pearl (metallic deep cherry wine shade) I would also like to see a white soft top option, in addition to the black and tan ones.
  5. Spare Tire Cover OR Uncovered

    Whilst I prefer the look without a cover, living in Florida with it's excess of UV, I decided to get a cover for the spare. The cover from Boomerang does not interfere with the rear camera.
  6. locking gun safe for my JLU

    It's in the floor in the 2 door models. It looks like I have to take up the carpet and side panels to try and find where the cable runs to.
  7. locking gun safe for my JLU

    This is why I want to remove the subwoofer from the cargo area, so I can have some extra storage space. It seems like I'm the only one though....
  8. Cracked one week in

    Received email from Jeep this week: It's a jungle out there, so get tough with Gorilla Glass. Gorilla Glass is tougher and more resistant to chips and cracks than standard windshield glass and helps defend against damage from sharp and blunt impacts. Whether replacing or upgrading your...
  9. Devices to bypass auto stop/ start

    Having experienced ESS for 1 year in our Pacfica, it has nearly caused accidents due to the delay on restarting when trying to cross a busy road, or enter a highway. Also, other Pacifica users are reporting that the batteries need to be replaced more frequently (and there are 2). Since I...
  10. backup camera suddenly stopped working

    It just happened to my 2 week Jeep, after 600 miles. I did my usual commute from work of 18 miles, without needing to reverse, so when I reversed into my drive, it was the first time I had used reverse on this trip, and I just had the black screen. I had no problem when I drove to work in the...
  11. Willys Edition JL Club Thread

    Recently took delivery of my Willys:
  12. I hate Adaptive Cruise and Early Collision Warning - can they be disabled?

    Having driven the Chrysler Pacifica for a year, which has the additional safety packages, and now my JL with the same packages (less features though for the same price), my observations are: The Pacifica has the radar located in the front bumper. This position seems to work well for the ACC...
  13. SARGE GREEN Wrangler JL Club

    From the UK. Its a symbol of support for the UK veterans - Royal British Legion .
  14. Willys Package

    I took delivery of the Willys, which has the Mopar floor mats as standard. It didn't come with the cargo mat. Should it have done so? The mats weren't even properly installed, I had to move the drain plug from the body to the mat. Also, I didn't receive velcro straps for the soft top, but I...
  15. Painted my dash Sarge Green -- a few changes -- Cost $66.00

    I wish the Jeep came with colour matched interior as standard. I also liked the old Sahara Spice TJ, which had the matching spice interior, which I thought was a great look. There's too much black / grey for a tan interior.
  16. Florida Off-Road Foundation License Plate

    I'm just disappointed that the plate will only support 5 characters :mad:
  17. 2021 Jeep Wrangler JL (2-Door) ORDER GUIDE

    I ordered a Willys with Selec-Trac back in October through my local dealer - still haven't received confirmation from Jeep, or my VIN. I'm amazed that Selec-Trac is available for the short wheel base Wrangler.
  18. 2021 Willys 2dr

    I decided to get the 2 safety packages, since this will be my daily driver, and I've enjoyed using them on the Pacifica. I also ordered the tow package, mainly for the upgraded electrics, since I may install a winch at some point, and a receiver hitch will be useful since I still have my...
  19. 2021 Willys 2dr

    I have just ordered the above, in Sarge Green with the tan soft top. Can't wait to get it (quoted 8-12 weeks). Time to search for accessories. Now, I'm struggling to find a tan spare tyre cover with the backup cam hole. Tan floor mats seem to have disappeared - I think Weathertech are the...