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  1. 2020 AEV JL370 Hella Yella JLUR Delivered

    Gotta say- I’ll save my money. All of it.
  2. Virginia KIWI MASTER Smoked LED Tail Lights

    Llanero- I’ll take them. Just let me know how you want the $$
  3. Tennessee Rigid 10” LED Light Bar

    Shipped to 17349?
  4. Maryland Bora 1.5” wheel spacers

    Any chance these are still available? min right at the PA/MD line.
  5. Tazer JL Mini - $200 Shipped

    Jeepauug- Shoot me a PayPal address and we will make this happen! Just need to make sure it’s unmarried (unlike the brick of an AEV Procal I have from my ‘13 JKU just sitting here!!).
  6. Break Down - Service Electronic Throttle Control and Stability Control

    Been having the same issues since 1/2/2019 (picked up JLU Sport S 12/27/18). Been to dealer twice and can not replicate issue. Been told there is nothing they can do. Will be moving dealers in hopes of resolution but not holding my breathe. Seems FCA is just fine with their dealers not taking...
  7. Florida Spiderwebshade Black Flag for Jeep Wrangler JLU

    If Bruc doesn’t take it, I’ll have a go to 17349.
  8. Lets see those Sports with Rubicon suspension and 35s!!

    Ideally to get to that 1.5” wider track, you would put .75” spacers on either side and alas, things would work just the same. However, no one has found it vital to make 3/4” spacers for the JL. So guys with sports can : buy new wheels and get correct offset, get ticketed for running 1.5”...
  9. Lets see those Sports with Rubicon suspension and 35s!!

    To update- Sport S running 315/70r17 Duratracs on factory wheel NO spacer 2.5in TF spacer lift w/9550 shocks. First pic is tires, no lift Second is fully done. At 315, tires run on control arms at full lock. Have to investigate steering stops. Otherwise perfect ride. Waiting on some...
  10. Show the stickers / decals you've added to your Jeep Wrangler JL

    So, maybe “stickers” isn’t the right word....but vinyl is!!
  11. Best way to modify tpm warning?

    In for answer as well.
  12. Best President's Day Discounts

    And that is worth anything because?? 4WP is just plain awful.
  13. Best Aftermarket Headlights for JL

    As an alternative to either going with the “rape me” pricing on existing LED sets or even worse the MOPAR sets, we decised to give the HID upgrade from Diode Dynamics a try. Figured I was buying the switchback fender lights anyway- what’s another $180 to upgrade the existing 9” lights to HID...
  14. Modified JK tube doors on my JL

    Searched and found no more info on this. First day of 60 degree plus since I brought the JLU home and I’m antsy to use my steinjager JKU doors!!
  15. JEEP NAMES | LET'S HEAR THEM | SEE THEM! *Photo's Encouraged*

    Working on the photos- actually just signed off for the wife to purchase a Cricut machine as this could be a long journey. Anyway- new name will be SiG RiG. Our insurance agency is called Swartz Insurance Group or SiG. So it will all work out.
  16. Tailgate reinforcement do we really need it?

    So, Sport S upgraded wheel is around 23# plus 315/70r17 Duratrac is 60#. That darn RC Relo bracket has to be 20#. So, already at 103#? Can’t believe they would keep it so low at 85.
  17. Tailgate reinforcement do we really need it?

    How does this make sense? So the entire tailgate is to be under 85lbs? At this point I’m running a 35” Duratrac in stock Sport S upgrade (graphite) wheel. Had to put on the RC relo bracket to clear the tire- just those two items alone have got to be 100+ lbs. and the Mopar kit won’t do a...
  18. 315/70r17 on JLU sport on stock suspension with initial impressions

    Thinking you mean spare? On stock carrier, it won’t. Had to do the RC relocation bracket. Fits well now. Not even sure if I needed to raise the CHMSL, but did. Confirmed today Teraflex 2.5” performance spacer with new 9550 shocks.
  19. USB Problems?

    Funny how I didn’t have this issue until brought into dealer for the update to cure the Blue/Black screen backup camera issue. Backup cam seems to be working, but no more Waze on screen and even charging seems to be out now. I love my Jeep- based on past experience. Not the only 800 miles I...
  20. Traction control issue.

    Is there a way to determine which vacuum pump is causing this? Picking up JLU from dealer in half hour- said of course they can’t get the error to comp up and all was checked. Blaming it on debris or something in the line that was temporary. I’ve had it come and go since Jeep was bought new-...