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  1. Start test with dead AUX battery!

    On the picture I put just above, so with left hand drive, it is under the fuse box and the main battery.
  2. Start test with dead AUX battery!

    Because I drive on the left side of the road (all of Europe and the USA, and other countries), we don't have the same layout for the battery at all, mine is on the right side of the vehicle
  3. 2.2 diesel Catch Can

    It is however a 2.2 Diesel sold in Europe with left-hand drive ... I did not make it alone ;)
  4. Start test with dead AUX battery!

    The assembly is almost finished. I wanted to fix this "fuse-box" on the cover of the fuse box, but the height of this fuse is too high, I'm afraid that the insulation of the engine cover could touch the "red button" and thus "trigger" the fuse (which would "cut" the bridging done). So I put two...
  5. Start test with dead AUX battery!

    The idea is interesting, if you have pictures it will be for me (bad English) and maybe other members easier to understand everything, thanks :like:
  6. Start test with dead AUX battery!

    The official Jeep (FCA) method for changing the AUX battery is to remove the right fender completely (!) and then access the battery tray from below. Another method is to completely remove the fuse box (including the 3 or 4 very large connectors underneath), then push those large cables and...
  7. Start test with dead AUX battery!

    The goal is to bridge with a 40A "N1-N2" fuse and leave the AUX battery cable (negative) disconnected from the main battery negative. The 40A is recommended because it seems, from several testers, that a 30A is too limited. Once done, the battery will still be in the Jeep, but completely useless
  8. Start test with dead AUX battery!

    Here is the ordered material, I just have to crimp the connectors having found the right length of the two wires. As I have to disconnect the negative cable of the AUX battery at the negative terminal of the main battery, I found on a broken ratchet wrench the sleeve that I will try to use to...
  9. Start test with dead AUX battery!

    According to my understanding (?) the AUX battery is for the "start/stop" but also to keep the radio or other accessories running when the engine is stopped (at a red traffic light for example). Indeed, removing the AUX battery for good is, for me, the best solution, but for the moment I don't...
  10. Start test with dead AUX battery!

    I am preparing the "N1-N2" modification and I will put pictures here once finished :like:
  11. Start test with dead AUX battery!

    yes, but mine from (late) 2018 can too, so either it was made right on the edge, or FCA applied a fix and either our Jeeps with the 2.2 Diesel engine never had this problem. If we have several answers here we will be able to know the answer
  12. Auto Start/Stop

    Thanks to this forum, I discovered many problems on this new Jeep (JL) and thanks to this forum (and of course all the interventions of the members) I managed to "fix" some problems or argue with FCA and their catastrophic after sales service. Having the 2.2 Diesel engine and my Jeep being of...
  13. Auto Start/Stop

    If you have any explanations I am very interested
  14. Flush Mount Style LED Tail Lights for Jeep Wrangler JL

    Unfortunately this is a legal requirement in some countries. For my part, both solutions are suitable, but as Oracle will not make two models, I could not buy their product, and it is very likely that the connectors are not the same because adding flashing
  15. Flush Mount Style LED Tail Lights for Jeep Wrangler JL

    Thank you for your message, I have noted your negative response
  16. Flush Mount Style LED Tail Lights for Jeep Wrangler JL

    Great service at Oracle. I exchanged a few messages with John (customer support) and despite my bad English, the exchange was great. Unfortunately for me, there is no "amber turn signal" option for all JL and JT and JLU ... in Europe But maybe one day... :fingerscrossed:
  17. Flush Mount Style LED Tail Lights for Jeep Wrangler JL

    Sorry to ask this question, I don't seem to have seen an "orange light" to signal a change of direction, like I have on mine originally (LED) and for an "export" JL (European). Are there any plans to have orange lights for direction change? If so, I want to be on the list to order some as soon...
  18. Redline Tuning Hood Struts - 5 minute Bolt-In installation!

    I had the opposite problem, ordered a kit for a "heavy" european hood and received the poor kit. My hood would not lift by itself and once fully opened would fall back down by itself. The seller "Redline" intervened and sent me the right kit, after exchange everything is OK (I had put a message...