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  1. Picked up my Rubicon Xtreme Recon - pics and first review / impressions

    Hey there, sorry for hijacking the thread, but I was curious and looked up the numbers: they show some (old) Chrysler parts?! Is that because the XR fender flare extensions are not on order yet? Thanks for any feedback!
  2. Maximus-3 JL Tow Loops (Front & Rear)

    @Maximus-3: I am interested in buying your rear tow loops, and I was wondering if you will be doing a Labor Day Sale again this year? Last year, you offered a 10% discount, which would be great as I live in Europe and shipping costs and taxes weigh down heavy on the price… Thanks a lot for a...
  3. If you were going to buy a sporty car for your wife?

    How about something a little more exotic than a Corvette, that‘s driving like a cart:
  4. Squadbox Install

    Hi @Taanto, as some weeks have passed by: Are there still no news from Tyler? The video still hasn’t been uploaded yet (at least not where I could find it…). It be very much appreciated, if you could please bring us up to speed concerning your install and the issues that have been raised...
  5. UK 2.0T 2 dr alarm fault

    I am quite sure that you can not open the doors from the inside once they are locked -it just takes a little while to engage. I have not verified this myself, but I have read this numerous times on different forums.
  6. Euro JLUR 2020 Punk'n - Vehicle / Build journal

    Hi @Oto JLR, I don’t know whether you are still looking for a solution, but if you are you might want to have a look at this: It is...
  7. Squadbox Install

    Hi @Taanto, any news from Tyler? And how is your install/mod going? You said that you were going to try and include some sort of hinge for the top lid?
  8. Squadbox Install

    First of all: Thanks for keeping us updated! Did Tyler mention by when he will put the new install video online?
  9. 2.2L no longer available

    I am driving the 2.2 diesel as well and I am loving it. I would not worry to much about parts - as others said, it‘s a standard FCA engine, it is still available in the Alfa Romeo Stelvio, for example. As far as third party add-ons are concerned, most mods aren’t engine-specific, and most of...
  10. Squadbox Install

    @Taanto: Could you please ask Tyler about this issue? I‘d appreciate it so much! Do you already have a date planned for the install?
  11. Squadbox Install

    Couldn‘t you just have put the bolts in the opposite direction, i.e. bolt head on the inside of the cargo bay and the lock nut hidden behind the side panel? - I hope you don‘t mind me asking, but I have the Squadbox sitting in my garage, just haven’t found the time for the install yet... So I am...
  12. Squadbox Install

    I‘ve silently been following along as I am very interested in Squadbox as well and thought I make myself useful, so there you go:
  13. Airing up tires after off roading?

    How do you power your portable Viair if you use it at home? Do you still use your Jeep? (With the engine running inside a garage it does not seem such a good idea...) Or do you use any other (plugged-in) power source?
  14. WARN Elite rear bumper on a Sahara? Any Pics?

    @Hotchyy: Perfect, thanks for the effort! That gives me a good idea! (Although I am still wondering if really none of the guys on this forum has a WARN elite bumper on a Sahara?!) Best regards, Michael
  15. Jeep J6 - Any Update?

    Great drawing - did you do that?!
  16. Jeep J6 - Any Update?

    I‘ll chime in: yes, the J6 does look great, and it would also be the right size for European streets and garages - the JT is too long. And it would be the perfect platform for an overlanding/camping thingo, you know, the ones with the box in the back. At the moment, the only platform for a...

    ... or regret that life is now a little more reliable, but a hell of a lot more boring... :LOL:

    My apologies, I meant no harm. To my excuse: I am on a mobile phone, so I cannot see your profile unless explicitly clicking on your name...

    I don’t think that we should get at each either here - if he wants to drive a Toyota, just let him. Personally, I do not really agree with the idea that a Toyota is a „soccer mom vehicle“: First of - who says that is it a bad thing to be a soccer mom? I am sure that there are many soccer moms...
  20. WARN Elite rear bumper on a Sahara? Any Pics?

    That would be great, thanks!