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  1. Tire pressure dealer change

    Yes it is . That's why they only set alarm threshold 4 lbs lower thus 32 lbs
  2. Tire pressure dealer change

    My dealer would not lower to more than 32 lbs. They qouted federal safety guidelines.
  3. Posts Pics Of The Wheels You Cant Stop Dreaming About!!

    These: couldn't live without them
  4. JL 33” tires small lift - Pictures Please!

    Rubi takeoff's 1 /2 in spacers
  5. Anyone have pics of Sport with 33’

    305/65/17 Dick Cepek Extreme Country M/T
  6. 33s vs 35s? (First lift and Larger Tire purchase)

    Should be no problem . I ran mine on stock suspension for almost a month.
  7. Black Rhino Recon wheel

    I have the Black Rhino Crawlers in bronze. I'm very happy with them .
  8. All Those from Minnesota!

    I would be interested in that Sat.
  9. 33s vs 35s? (First lift and Larger Tire purchase)

    I thought about going that route also, but I decided to listen to a buddy. He said i was asking for real trbl if I used my stock as a spare on the road. The difference in size could really be bad even after just a few miles. So now my motto is " If your going to go don't go cheap".
  10. 33s vs 35s? (First lift and Larger Tire purchase)

    Thanks, wife was really happy when finally picked the wheels. It only took me about 4 months to decide.
  11. 33s vs 35s? (First lift and Larger Tire purchase)

    I went with 33's. 305/65/17 Cepek Extreme Terrain and Rubi suspension, with 1/2 in spacers. Gained 2 in inlift. Nice part is I can still hit 8th gear with our 2.0 l.
  12. All Those from Minnesota!

    Welcome from northern Mn. Lets hope the thread keeps moving forward
  13. New to jeeping looking for bumper/winch opinions

    I went with the QRC full width , simply for deer protection on fenders. Added the smittybilt X20 Comp 12k.
  14. widening the sport up, 265 70 17

    I went wider yet . 305 /65/ 17. Didnt lose any performance as far as I can tell.
  15. Wheel offset pictures

    Black Rhino Crawler / matte bronze 17 x 9.5 -18 offset 4.92 backspace Cepek Extreme Country mts 305/ 65/17.
  16. Should I spend the money on a soft top for Summer??

    We are very pleased with our Trektop.
  17. 4 Door JLUR Rubicon suspension on 2 Door JL Sport. (Stock Wheels and Tires)

    I'm running 305/65/17 Cepek extreme country mt's . Wheels are Black Rhino Crawlers. 17 × 9.5 with -18 offset.
  18. 2 Questions.

    We have a 2018 Sport jl switched out the stock at's to 305/65/17 Mt's had no rubbing at all.
  19. Cargo security with Trektop?

    My security is 9mm XDM , WITH .45 1911 for backup. Enough said.