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  1. Kentucky JLU Steel Front bumper

    PM Sent.
  2. Kentucky WTB Rubicon Steel Front Bumper

    Willing to travel a few hours to get if needed.
  3. Indiana Taking down until new bumper is delivered.

    PM sent as well.
  4. CMM Mirrors 1 month Review

  5. CMM Mirrors 1 month Review

    What mirror is that? I just mounted mine and I am going to need a bigger mirror. Too hard to backup a trailer with the original mirror.
  6. XM/Sirrius Radio Keep or not to keep

    I used it a lot my first year and even signed up for a 6 month renewal. The amount of talking started to bug me so I looked into streaming services. I fount that Tidal had a military discount, $6 a month for standard sound quality. They have a pretty large catalog. My only complaint is that...
  7. Mirrors for grab handle?

    Thanks for the pictures of the lower mount. Still trying to decide which ones to get and I really like the lower mount over the upper mount.
  8. Question regarding Hard Top Garage Hoists

    I also went with the Racor hoist and the Topsy addons. I like that it has a shelf so that I can store the soft top when the hard top is on the jeep. With an electric drill, raising and lowering is a snap.
  9. I can't take it anymore!

    My wife has stated that she will not ride with the doors off. She said I could take off the driver door if I want to. I'm going to look into some tube doors for this year.
  10. I can't take it anymore!

    I can't wait for spring either. It will change once we hit 60 for a few days. I like the hardtop for winter for the extra security, rear windshield wiper, and ease of loading tall things in the back. On my soft top, pulling out that back window bar is a huge pain.
  11. Jeep owners probably most prepared for Corona Virus

    You think losing 2-3 people out of 100 doesn't sounds bad? I think that is bad.
  12. Sunrider storage bag (New jeep owner)

    You have to purchase one.
  13. Should I spend the money on a soft top for Summer??

    If you have a lot of popup showers, I vote for the dual top as well. If you don't have the storage for the back windows you can at least put the top up and keep a lot of the rain out.
  14. 122 dollars for round trip tickets to Vegas and JLU sport rental for 36 bucks a day. Go to go.

    If you don't mind me asking, what airlines and car rental company did you use? We have been thinking of a trip to Vegas.
  15. Why did you buy a Jeep?

    I wanted a convertible that could haul a family and a wheelchair.
  16. Michigan WTB: OEM Front Bumper

    Thanks, was looking for steel.
  17. Michigan WTB: OEM Front Bumper

    Is it the steel or plastic bumper?
  18. Questions about the upgraded mechanics on a Willys JL

    A couple of nice things (at least for me) is the power door locks, windows, and LED lights that don't come on a Sport.