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  1. Lange GEN 2 Hoist, high hopes.

    Completely happy with this.
  2. CarPlay 100% Useless With iOS 15

    Haven't noticed the sound quality issue, but Waze does the same thing, randomly freezes.
  3. Maryland WARN mid grill guard - $100

    Sorry, just left on Monday.
  4. Maryland Quadratec QJW-JL-HTC Deluxe Heavy Duty Hardtop Storage Cart

    Great condition. $200 for cart and rear window bar.
  5. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Decals finally came in...
  6. Lange GEN 2 Hoist, high hopes.

    Awesome customer service, part arrived today. Assembled the hoist in an hour.
  7. Bronco Addition Pricing

    Really, they are charging 140k for a GT500 in Maryland. That is a 75k msrp vehicle.
  8. 392XR vs Shelby GT 500

    If you find a Shelby GT500 for MSRP...around here they sell for over 140k.
  9. Tazer JL - more than just a tire size programmer!

    Hmm, I drive 70-80mph routinely on my commute and with 35's I'd say 70mph is just around 2k rpms, unless you're basically coasting. Eventually I'll go up to 37's so I guess then I'll know for sure. :)
  10. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Installed the oracle grill lights. I always did 'Raptor' lights on my Ford truck, these look pretty good too. Clean fit, simple install.
  11. Bronco reservation to JLURXR order holder.

    Sort of the same deal, I had a July reservation for a Badlands but was getting tired of Ford messing up. Went and bought my Rubicon, had it delivered to my door. Couldn't be happier. I still have the Bronco reservation, in fact Ford emailed me last week about 2022 ordering. Debating if I should...
  12. Tools: what brand

    Nailed it. I've had a standard Stanley socket toolkit for 15 years, no problems. DeWalt impact driver, no problems.
  13. Lightbars: Over windshield vs. hood mounts

    Any glare on a hood is relative to how you tilt the bar and the beam pattern. I have no 'glare' on mine, yes it clearly hits the hood, but there is no glare. 40" Westin lightbar on Westin mounts. Use mine every..single..morning.
  14. Jeep steering issue resolved

    Get that out of your vehicle, right now. Contacted Lucas Oil, here is the response: No unfortunately our power steering stop leak is not compatible with electronic power steering systems. Sorry but at the moment we do not make anything for these type of systems.
  15. The new Bronco is UGLY

    Two door looks 'good' but the 4 door is a disaster.
  16. The new Bronco is UGLY

    You mean you didn't love this?
  17. Lange GEN 2 Hoist, high hopes.

    Thank you for that pic! I was curious how it would be in the garage. Good news, they already shipped out the parts (well tomorrow morning).
  18. Lange GEN 2 Hoist, high hopes.

    Yeah can't wait!!!