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  1. Rock Rails Compromise Ride Quality?

    Hi All, I recently installed the Patriot sliders from Rock Hard and noticed my ride is much stiffer. I then added a heavy steel bumper and warn winch to the front and it's even worse. My theory is that because the Patriot sliders connect to both the frame and the body, you've effectivly cut...
  2. Turn Signal Won't Shut Off

    To be clear, I'm an idiot and this is exactly what was going on. RTM folks.
  3. Turn Signal Won't Shut Off

    Oh man, that may be it. I didn't even know that was a "feature". I'll play around with it. Thanks for your response. here is the entry in the owners manual for anyone interested: Lane Change Assist — If Equipped Tap the multifunction lever up or down once, without moving beyond the detent...
  4. Turn Signal Won't Shut Off

    I was wondering if anyone else has seen this. When I'm done switching lanes and I turn the blinker to the middle position to turn the blinker off, the car will start blinking the opposite direction. I have to flip it back and forth a couple times before it will turn off in the middle position...
  5. Cheap(er) ATV mirrors for Doors Off

    Where did you get the ball mount? That is really awesome.
  6. Speed Sensitive Volume

    I have it on too and it's useless. It's not just you.
  7. Safelite Botched Install Job?

    Hi Guys, recently bought a new 2019 JLUR and of course two weeks after purchase got nailed with a rock that cracked the windshield. Safelite told me to bring it in because they had the OEM glass in stock, but once I got there they realized I had ACC and said they had to special order the OEM...
  8. New JL owners: How long from date of order to delivery

    ITS HERE!!!!!!!!! 94 days from order!
  9. New JL owners: How long from date of order to delivery

    I just got word from my dealer that Rubicon VLS says my order has the outgate field updated for today. Googling "outgate" it looks like it means it has left the facility. I'm desperately hoping that I get a call tomorrow that it's in.
  10. New JL owners: How long from date of order to delivery

    Nope, still sitting there. I pinged the dealer yesterday so we will see what they say today. Sitting at 94 days. Sigh...
  11. New JL owners: How long from date of order to delivery

    I'm at 85 days. Ordered 11/19. Went KZ early January and now it's sitting in a rail yard in Salt Lake City waiting for a truck to Boise. Dealer has no idea when it will be trucked the last 350 miles. So frustrating they can't give you any idea of when it will move.
  12. Post your 2019 JL build status

    Was in paint 12/28 and checked today and found out I was in framing. Does that count as going backwards? My impression was that paint was after framing. Maybe they painted it the wrong color lol. For those keeping score at home: Ordered 11/19, VIN 11/20, D1: 12/3 P: 12/28 F: 1/2 Build is...
  13. Bikini Color Reveal w/Tube Doors!

    J/K. Cabela's does have an impressive array of JK's available
  14. So what are the hidden options you get when you upgrade? I.e. Infotainment gets better windshield...

    I don't think it's with the infotainment, but with the alpine stereo upgrade. You get acoustically tuned laminated glass to reduce unwanted noise in the cabin.
  15. 2018 Jeep Easter Safari Concepts Revealed: 4SPEED, Sandstorm, Nacho, Jeepster, J-Wagon

    Can anyone confirm/deny that the Sandstorm color is Punk'n? If so, do want...
  16. Out of state purchase

    Who do you service with in Oregon?
  17. Buying out of state?

    If I come from a state that has no sales tax, do I have to pay local sales tax if I but from a state that has sales tax? Basically, the question is if I'm in Oregon, should I only buy from Oregon dealers since we have no tax. It's temping to hop over to Idaho to buy from Dillion's if I don't...
  18. Active Noise Control (Cancellation) feature comes to Jeep Wrangler JL

    I couldn't find this question answered anywhere, but is ANC standard if you get the upgraded infotainment (7 inch or 8.4 inch) OR the alpine upgrade, or do you have to get both upgrades (infotainment AND alpine)? The original post didn't make it clear. I checked the jeep online build tool...