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  1. Georgia Baja Designs XL80s

    Baja designs XL80 pair of lights. Less than a year old. No issues. Does not include wiring harness (can be purchased for cheap from BD). Bracket in pic not included $550 obo
  2. Georgia Garage Clean Out

    Make me an offer on anything. All offers will be considered
  3. Georgia Garage Clean Out

    live in midtown and the storage unit is in downtown atl
  4. Georgia Garage Clean Out

  5. Georgia Garage Clean Out

    Cleaning out the garage and have a number of parts I’m selling. Will ship everything minus the drag link and track bar. Everything is for or off of a 2020 JLUR Located in Atlanta, GA OEM tie rod - $100 -took off at ~75miles -boots in perfect shape OEM drag link - $100 obo -took...
  6. Clicking noise when turning.

    Wanted to provide an update and possible solution for those who have this clicking/ticking noise and also have a synergy track bar and a sector shaft brace. I was having all the same issues and checked the torque on drag link, track bar, tie rod, shocks, control arms, ball joints, etc. However...
  7. TSD Logistics to save $$$ on diesel?

    This is true, but I have been using the oversized pumps for about 6 months with the nozzle attachment and it works just fine. I usually just go about half way with the handle to avoid a mess.
  8. DEF Usage

    I’m at 1/4 of def left with just over 5k miles. 60% city driving
  9. 3.0 MODS - Show em off

    Ni Nice. What size MC lift did you go with and what did it yield as far as height goes?
  10. 3.0 MODS - Show em off

    Are you on 35s or 37s?
  11. JL diesel lift kit?

    evo manufacturing has a kit that’s already hit the market
  12. Diesel Lift Kit?

    UPDATE: I have been driving now for about 1k miles on the new steering and I must say that I am very impressed. I have little to no wander, no jolts in the steering wheel when hitting large expansion joints or imperfections at speed, etc. It's very tight and in my opinion, worth the upgrades. As...
  13. Diesel delete

    1 1) You're probably right. That and/or they would ask why I didnt seek coverage under the warranty at which point they would call the dealer and figure it out 2) Premium increase, non-renewal or cancel.
  14. Diesel delete

    Okay, I wanted to throw this out there to get the dialog going, but it seems clear that everyone is wanting to do the EGR delete via tune or physically removing as well as removing the DEF. This is where it gets tricky though, so read along... The worry everyone is having is having warranty...
  15. Aux switches under hood wiring location

    No pics and mine are no longer in the factory location, but yes, it's deep. I could get my fingers on the wires, but couldnt get my hand in there enough to untape the bundle.
  16. Diesel Lift Kit?

    Well, I did the track bar and synergy brace about a week before doing the tie rod, then a week later the drag link. I wanted to see what made the most difference. When I added the track bar and brace, I noticed the wheel would not kick nearly as much as stock when at speed and hitting rather...
  17. Diesel Lift Kit?

    There was a guy on the other forum (banned) that had a video of the steering box moving a good bit while static turning a. Not that we have that issue on the 3.0, but it would prevent that from happening and correct any deflection based on that issue. I finished up installing the synergy...
  18. New engine teething issues?

    Check out TSD logistics. There is a thread on it in this sub forum and saves a ton on diesel. Last time I filled up the diesel listed at $2.65/gal and the discount brought it down to 1.79/gal, which is incredible. There is only one station near me and it's about 10mins away, but those kind of...