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  1. Hauk Bumpers for JL - feedback?

    Don't have any fancy photos of it completely finished, but here are a couple while finishing up the install.
  2. New exhaust recommendations for 19 Jeep JL

    This might help...
  3. Franks Rubicon Build (In Progress Pictures)

    Curious about this since we just picked up our bumpers and tire carrier today. They said there was supposed to be instructions in the parts box, but there wasn't. Either of you get any install instructions? The fenders are really nice. They are beefy. Told they are probably 2 months out...
  4. Hauk bumper and tire carrier

    6 months later... picked up our bumpers and tire carrier today.
  5. Hauk Bumpers for JL - feedback?

    Yeah... Just picked up ours today at Hauk. Told us 3-4 weeks, that was on September 5, 2018. So it really took a couple days short of 6 months.
  6. Hard shift into 4H

    So my wife said the same thing about shifting into 4H the first time and that it banged and popped back out. She had a difficult time getting it back into 4H. Since then she has been using it in the snow without issue to my knowledge. However, last night I changed the oil and saw what...
  7. I love everything about my JLUR except for the way it rides.

    Yeah, typically people use apples to oranges. And that is not the part that didn't make sense. There's nothing to argue. You win. Feel better? I'm going to go back to "jumping into conversations" about Jeeps. Since that's what this forum is for.
  8. I love everything about my JLUR except for the way it rides.

    As usual on forums, someone gets butt hurt over a simple reply. Your first paragraph makes no sense, except for maybe implying you are gay. Is a truck not a "vehicle"? I said I do NOT think the JL rides rough at all. We don't have a Rubicon. I think you are mixing/confusing posts. 176"...
  9. I love everything about my JLUR except for the way it rides.

    Perhaps. I would guess that most of those thousands are low to the ground cars and don't have solid axles? My truck has a 176" wheelbase so 118 is short to me. :)
  10. Tazer Lite TPMS

    I have had the Tazer Lite for 3+ months and adjusted the tire size and TPMS limits. However, it will not remember the tire pressure I set for the front tires. Works fine for the rear tires (and tire size). I've done the two sleep/wake cycles, I've tried the full reboot, combination of...
  11. I love everything about my JLUR except for the way it rides.

    Our Sahara 3.6 has a rough idle as well. We have a manual transmission so can't comment on that. As far as the ride, it's a Jeep. Narrow, short wheel base, on basically a truck frame with solid axles. It's not going to ride like a car. I don't think the ride is rough at all (before or after...
  12. New front bumper. Covered in Rust. Doesn't fit either.

    Yeah, that's what DV8 told me .So I did some research and got mounting lengths for 7 different light bars. Only 3 had 52 inch mounting lengths, Westin, Rigid, and DV8.
  13. New front bumper. Covered in Rust. Doesn't fit either.

    Not a fan of DV8 either. Got their light bar brackets. Bolt holes don't line up very well but with some pressure got the bolts in .Brackets don't follow the Jeep's contours very well either, but ok I guess. However, I can't mount my 50" light bar since their 50" light bar brackets are made for...
  14. What's this for?

    Plenty of devices out there and that is where you plug them in at. Torque just happens to be a very inexpensive and very good product. You can use that port to program the factory computer, with a tuner or programmer such as the Tazer or others. The Tazer Lite doesn't use the OBDII port...
  15. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Gave it a bath. Installed Rusty's track bar bracket. Switched antenna for a shorty. Attempted to install 50" light bar above the windshield, but the DV8 brackets are obviously made for a 52" bar. Way too big and they don't match the contours of the Jeep very well at all. :(
  16. What's this for?

    OBDII No offense, you're not a car guy, huh? OBDII ports have been around since 1996. Torque app is a great use of the OBDII port, although with Off Road Pages it probably isn't needed.
  17. Tires/Lift Mods and Gear Ratios 101

    3.45 and if you go with the anti-spin diff you get Dana 44 in the rear.
  18. Giveaway of the Month

    Awesome giveaway! Good luck to everyone!
  19. American Fastbacks JL Wrangler Builds and Parts [SEMA 2018 - JLWF Coverage]

    I spy an Edelbrock supercharger. When does that go on sale?! Not a fan of the wide fenders.