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  1. Bits and Bobs for the Aussie JL

    Well, that's not the response I got from Teraflex. Below is the email I had received from them. But to answer your question COKENOGOOD, yes it worked for me. There is a small set screw that restricts how far you can turn the small end which had to be removed, just to allow a few more...
  2. Backing Into Parking Spots: The Debate

    I live in Japan where everyone backs in, it's just the way it is over here. When we get new Americans coming over, they pull in head first, needing multiple tries to get straight, and because of the tight parking often can't get back out without a 7 point turn. Even then, they bang their...
  3. Bits and Bobs for the Aussie JL

    Has anyone else lifted a 2020 JLUR? Mine has a headlight adjustment sensor that connects to the left rear upper control arm, but the Teraflex kit doesn't have any means for the sensor arm to reconnect, so my headlights are all over the place. Just wondering if someone has encountered this and...
  4. Bits and Bobs for the Aussie JL

    Well, I can say that Teraflex's front alpine trackbar fits RHD.. but.... I had to remove a little set screw in order to get it short enough. I put on a 2.5" lift today and the trackbar at its shortest length was about 3/4" too long.
  5. Bits and Bobs for the Aussie JL

    According to Joe Thompson, Teraflex's Int'l Account Manager, both their front and rear panhard are RHD compatible, but they also sell a rear trackbar relocation bracket, TF-1953601. I have their alpine 2.5 lift in the garage with the rear bracket, as soon as I get it installed I'll post the...
  6. Major Improvements

    What I did was to remove the corner (middle) sensor and relocated it to plastic cover like in this pic. I still have the outer sensors at the end of the bumper but most of my problems went away. It still beeps randomly at times, but not so much that I can't leave the sensors turned on...
  7. Swapping lights between Sport and Rubicon High Top Fender Flares

    I still haven't addressed this on mine. My concern is the that the halogen and leds may be different widths. I don't know if they are, but he Rubi's LED flares are 1" wider so I'm guessing so is the light. I do know the lights can be taken out and replaced, just not sure of switching between...
  8. Major Improvements

    Ok, now I don't feel so bad about mine, even though yours still seems to be less of a gap. Perhaps I'll get off of work early enough tomorrow to get pics in the light. But even with this gap, it's still so much better than the OEM couch it came with, or at least it will be when I figure out...
  9. Major Improvements

    I have that filler panel, just haven't installed it yet because I'm still trying to get the sensor working properly. Even so, everyone else's bumper looks so much better (closer), or perhaps their picture taking is so much better than mine.. Either way, your jeeps look great!!!
  10. Major Improvements

    How did you guys get your bumpers to sit so close to the front clip, mine still has at least a 6" gap.
  11. Major Improvements

    NYLONZ Any suggestions on getting the front sensors to stop throwing out false warnings? I finally got my Ebay (actually Rakuten since I'm in Japan) bumper installed last night, but it randomly says that I'm running over small children while I drive, or should I say that the red 'close...
  12. Swapping lights between Sport and Rubicon High Top Fender Flares

    Oh yeah, I forgot about that, thanks.. If I can't just move my existing LED lights over, I could still buy them separately from the states. Sucks that for me to get a $480 part from the US is going to now cost $1700. But my question still stands will the LED fender lights (from a US Rubicon)...
  13. Swapping lights between Sport and Rubicon High Top Fender Flares

    Does anyone know if the fenders are identical between 82215743AC and 82215742AC (besides the lights)? I live in Japan and have the export Rubicon which comes with the same fender flares as a Sport and nobody here sells the LED Rubicon High Top Fenders, nor am I willing to pay DHL $4000 to ship...
  14. Bits and Bobs for the Aussie JL

    Couldn't tell ya. If you were in Alice Springs I could probably get it to you for nearly free, but I haven't posted anything to AU before. And I don't even know if this thing is any good, but I'll probably give it a shot if I can't find anything else. I live near Tokyo so 99% of my driving is...
  15. Bits and Bobs for the Aussie JL

    I know this thread is a bit older, but a japanese part maker made this. Doesn't seems too complicated to have one fabbed. It's about $140 US.
  16. Rugged Ridge Low/High mount Snorkel system for RHD JL

    Thanks for the pic.. I was worried about that. I live near Tokyo and the streets are small and crowded, any additional blindspot is a no-go, but I think I could live with this.
  17. Rugged Ridge Low/High mount Snorkel system for RHD JL

    Alamein.sajib How does the high mount snorkel affect your view from the drivers seat? Is ithe snorkel all behind the a-pillar or does it partially block your view?