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  1. NEW JL Accessory Ideas for Manufacturers

    How about: Ground wire in the AUX wire harness so you don't have to perform major surgery to get to lug Ability to upload / download .gpx tracks onto Nav system. after all, aren't you supposed to take your jeep on trails??? Power connectors above driver's seat for CB mount, dash cams, etc...
  2. Most Scenic Moab Trail?

    Nope - must be my twin! I have however done a lot of wheeling in the West and have experienced a lot of very scenic trails!
  3. Most Scenic Moab Trail?

    One trail not to miss if you are into spectacular scenery is Lockhart Basin. It is an all-day run starting near Hurrah Pass and ends on Highway 211 near Needles. There is one option that takes you down to the Colorado River. There are also 2 plane wrecks to explore along the way if you know...