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  1. Jeep JL / JLU Half Doors Official Press Release and Photos

    Love half doors but both my tj and my jk leaked like a sieve in the rain. Standing water on floor both sides after a heavy rain. Hope they figured out how to seal them.
  2. Half doors false advertising -- IMO

    Half doors are fantastic! But all three of mine had significant water leaks. FCA has spent a lot trying to fix mine and many others with only limited success. That likely factors into why they are not offering them. Jeep is very afraid of its leak stigma which is much improved in the JL model.
  3. Why Not A Rubicon?

    BLD + LSD give the Sport a signIficant traction advantage over the Rubicon anywhere when speeds outside the 4 lo range are used. If the Rubi came with lsd like the first ones, I’d be driving one again.
  4. What is the point of the limited slip differential?

    I find the LSD very useful. I have a long driveway ending on a country road and in heavy snows the snowplows pile deep snow onto the end of my driveway. My JK Rubicon would take several back and forth runs to get through it. No, putting it in low and engaging the lockers would not be wise having...
  5. Who “Carries” While In Their Jeep?

    Be advised: gun thefts from cars are skyrocketing-nearly doubled in last year alone. Many reports of rows of cars broken into-only things stolen were firearms. As Jeeps especially soft tops, are easy entry, firearms left unsecured in vehicle are easy pickings. If you CCW in Jeep, do not...
  6. The Ford Mustang is the most similar vehicle to the Jeep Wrangler available in the U.S.

    Hmmmm. The vehicle descended from the rig that help win WWII is most similar to what Carrol Shelby called “a secretary’s car”? No comment.
  7. Jeep Wave Tire Rotation

    If you don’t specify how they are to rotate the tires you’ll be surprised. They are used to straight front to rear often. I draw a diagram on the service paper and mark the wheels with dots from a sharpie and even then I’ve had them screw it up.
  8. Ignorant dealer of the day award...

    Again, the techs there are fine. Ignore the advisors.
  9. Ignorant dealer of the day award...

    It’s ok. Remember the service “advisors” sit on their butt all day and they only touch the car to open the door and record the mileage. Techs do all the work and they’re actually pretty good. I stroll past the no customers allowed sign to bs with them while they work. Agree that change oil...
  10. Ignorant dealer of the day award...

    Still looking for one. Have tried 5-6 around me. This one is only 10 minutes from my work but it is the worst! JLU’s first came out they got a JLU with MT in stock-my JK’s were both MT-took my brother there to test drive it. Gave Jeep sales guy the stock number he says it’s on back lot he’ll...
  11. Ignorant dealer of the day award...

    Took my JLU into King’s CDJ in Cincinnati for free oil change and rotation. Service advisor says what can I do for you? I say wanted get oil change and tire rotation. He squints at my Jeep (10 feet away) and says that a JL? I say yeah. He says you buy it here? I say nope (their idea of a good...
  12. Nostalgia...

    Have both! Love both.
  13. Windshield Insurance

    I went to zero deductible on my comprehensive. Went through three windshields in about as many years driving in Wyoming and Montana. Third one-they raised my rates by about 50% saying I had three claims! No tickets no accidents-a claim is a claim. Cost me less is I hadn’t done that.
  14. Buy off lot or order?

    I don’t think this is correct. I just went through this helping someone get a JLUR. More than one dealer we shopped would go 6% under invoice on 2919’s on the lot but both would only do 4% under invoice on ordered Bikini. This was a no trade deal, no difference doc fees etc. BTW, % under MSRP...
  15. JL Fender Gap Collects Debris

    No need for a fix. Just press down on fender with medium pressure which opens the gap and spray with hose nozzle. Everything washes out.
  16. miles on truck when picked up

    8 miles on it when I took it for test drive. 145 miles after test drive. I can’t understand why people buy a car after only a 10 mile test drive.
  17. Choosing between roof options

    Not true at all. Hard top on JL is $1,195 option. Check value on say 2016 JK on KBB identical with and without hardtop. HT adds about &600 to value. There are no options on a Wrangler where you get all your money back at resale. None. Holds true for model upgrades as well.
  18. 2019's with ACC EWWWWW

    Had to be big. Has secret compartment put key fob in.