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  1. Ecodiesel Rubicon suspension swap

    Ha! Have you done a tutorial or video on how to change the springs and shocks?
  2. Ecodiesel Rubicon suspension swap

    Kevin, how many of these spring/shock swaps have you done?
  3. Gladiator Fox shocks on JLUR?

    Just to make sure I'm clear on this... Fronts are a direct drop in for Gladiator shocks. Rear bottoms need bracket holes reamed out to accept 14mm bolt. Rear tops just need spacers on both sides of shock? Do I use the OEM bolt that came with the jeep? (2019 Sahara) BTW...I'll be dropping in...
  4. Spring tags

    Thanks. I was looking more in the lines of how to tell the spring numbers if no white tag are on them. For load /lift purposes.
  5. Spring tags

    Is there any identification marks and/or numbers that identify the OEM coil springs besides the white tags? I’m getting rear coils (with the white tags) from a Rubicon diesel and the guy has what he thinks are the front springs off the same vehicle but he’s not sure. (He has multiple untagged...
  6. Georgia (4) Jeep Gladiator Mojave Rims

    Sorry can’t ship
  7. Highest number springs for my Sahara?

    What’s the biggest (numbers wise) OEM springs i can put on a 2019 Sahara? I'll also be adding the longer Mopar LCAs. (Adding Gladiator OEM Fox shocks too.)
  8. Maryland 5 FALKEN WILPEAK MT 285/70R17 RUBICON TAKE OFFS $650.00

    Too bad you aren't in Tampa or Atlanta, I'd buy them!
  9. Georgia WTB OEM Takeoffs Wheels + Tires

    Thanks but I bought some. Those are nice btw!
  10. Georgia (4) Jeep Gladiator Mojave Rims

    (4) Brand new OEM Mojave rims. These have never been on the road!!! 0 miles on them! The Gladiator went from the showroom floor back to the service department to get lifted and new wheels and tires installed. Perfect condition. No sensors. Low gloss black. Fits 2007 to 2021 Jeep models. (Tires...
  11. JL JT front springs the same?

    I have a chance to get coils and Fox shocks off a JT Rubicon. I know the fronts are a direct replacement and the rear springs won't work but the rear shocks will work after a slight bushing mod. MY question for ya'll is do the JLs and JTs use the same spring numbers? The springs in question are...
  12. Are all JL red Rubi shocks the same?

    I plan on changing out the shocks/springs on my 2019 Sahara with ones off a Rubicon. I know the springs are tagged with different numbers for different applications but what about the Rubi shocks? Do I need to look for specific numbered shocks as well or are they all basically the same?
  13. Gaining lift by changing OEM springs?

    Good idea about LCAs! Are the longer Rubicon shocks the only OEM option? OEM Fox shocks available?
  14. Gaining lift by changing OEM springs?

    I’m a new (to me) 2019 Sahara 2.0T Auto owner. I want to add a small lift to her and level her out. (It sits 1/2 inch higher on back due to rake.) My OEM springs are as followed: LF: 59 RF: 60 LR: 88 RR: 89 Is it as simple as adding OEM springs: LF 62 RF 63 LR: 90 RR: 91 Am I under...
  15. 2021 Rubicon suspension on 2019 Sahara?

    Nice detailed post! Ok
  16. 2021 Rubicon suspension on 2019 Sahara?

    My brother ordered a Metalcloak lift for his 2021 Rubicon. He says I can have the parts he takes off. Will I gain anything by putting these suspension parts on my 2019 Sahara? (I’m assuming these parts are a direct bolt on.)
  17. Sale on Jeep parts?

    Does any of the major Jeep parts places have big sales during the year? Say, 20% off site wide...stuff like that?
  18. Cover for when the Jeep is in the garage?

    Wifey wanted white. I wanted black. You see who won. :CWL: