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  1. Hi from Framingham, MA

  2. JLU (4DR) [SOLD]FS: 4-Door Soft Top (standard) - brand new in box - Rhode Island

    tempting... If after you still have this after the holidays I may snag it.
  3. Off road places in NH
  4. N00Bs from NH

    When she wants nerf bars... she puts them on...
  5. What Vehicle did you have before the JL?

    Found the red head... traded in their soul...
  6. What Vehicle did you have before the JL?

    Nothing special Volvo c70 Convertible
  7. Have your 2.0T? Post your pictures and impressions

    Yea throttle is SUPER sensitive.. It might need to learn... only 300 but figured it would have done that by now.
  8. Stock Rubicon Rock Rails ( NH )

    Stock Rubicon rock rails... took off with 50 miles on the Jeep. Prefer not to ship if possible.
  9. Have your 2.0T? Post your pictures and impressions

    Been about 10 days... the torque on the low end is a little "herky jerky" with the automatic. especially when combined with the auto start stop. Plenty of top end as well.. Ours is a Rubi U
  10. Got my new 2019 Mojito Sahara today

    For a moment.. I thought where the hells is this going... and I just couldn't keep my eyes of the word Mojito...
  11. N00Bs from NH

    Is anyone interested in stock Rubi Rock Rails from an unlimited?
  12. N00Bs from NH

    Hello All, Just picked up our fist jeep a 2018 Rubicon Unlimited.. one week in and the mods are just starting. replaced the rock rails with some nerf bars Wifes a little short and needs steps to get in.. :)
  13. Kenerg


  14. JLU (4DR) For Sale 2018 Rubicon Factory Soft Top Black

    link to ebay listing?
  15. 4 WD lever is tough

    I always have mone roll when shifting into 4wheel... 5to 10 in 4H and 2 or 3 for 4L