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  1. Halogen to LED DRL - Do I need a dealer code?

    I used the Tazer to program them and no more issues.
  2. Soft Top question

    That’s a good idea
  3. Soft Top question

    Thanks worked like a charm
  4. Am I the odd person out for wanting/preferring a soft top?

    I bought mine with a soft top and I prefer soft top over hard top
  5. Soft Top question

    Thanks I will try that
  6. Soft Top question

    Guys, I have question regarding the soft top. When I have the top off and I lock the top using the 2 levers in back and pushing them down to lock position. When I try to put the top back up, I am having a hard time to get them back to unlock position. They are stuck in lock position Am I doing...
  7. Indiana Where to buy OEM soft top?

  8. Need help with order tracking

    Finally got mine
  9. Need help with order tracking

    Hi I am trying to track my order The tracking number provided is not good number. My order number is R3571791. I have tried to email with no reply Tried calling or chat but can’t get through Any help will be appreciated
  10. Halogen to LED DRL - Do I need a dealer code?

    I am having the same issue. As soon as computer recognizes its a LED turn signal it throws an error and turn signals don't work. Its better to just buy a Tazer and get it over with that way you don't have to go dealer if you upgrade something else.
  11. California WTS/ WTT MY MISTAKE IS YOUR GAIN 2020 LED Fog Lights

    Can’t you just swap the brackets
  12. Ohio Rubicon wheels and tires

    Are these still available
  13. Indiana 5 Rubicon take off's wheels and tires!

    Are these still available
  14. Ohio SOLD: $400 - JLU Sahara upgraded 18” wheels / tires /TPMS

    Are these Sahara Wheels still available and are the tires included. Thanks
  15. Ohio Upgraded Sport Wheels Granite Crystal w/TPMS

    Are the tires installed on the wheels?
  16. Biggest tire on stock wheels?

    Interested in knowing the same for 17 inch
  17. 2018 Mojito JLUR 11 Miles $48,434

    FCA doesn't fix vehicles damaged in transit, dealers do
  18. Am I the only one who likes my Jeep?

    They all like their Jeeps, some are just whiners and some have a habit of
  19. Does anyone actually like start-stop

    I absolutely don't mind Start/ Stop