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  1. New York FS: OEM Premium Black Soft Top + Mopar Window Storage Bag

    This top was used for one summer and is in excellent condition with no abnormal signs of use. I will also include a Mopar soft top window storage bag, as well as a brand new bottle of Bestop vinyl window cleaner, and a brand new bottle of 303 fabric soft top cleaner. $1,100 OBO picked up in...
  2. Does anyone make a red passenger-side rear tow hook for the Rubicon yet?

    Bumping this... aside from the Maximus 3 option, are there any other aftermarket rear passenger-side tow hook options? Is there any indication that Jeep will be making them in the future? What's strange is that Chinese knockoff OEM-style rear driver-side tow hooks exist... if those companies...
  3. Slight pull to the left... any suggestions?

    My only modifications: - 2.0" TeraFlex front spacer lift - 1.5" TeraFlex rear spacer lift - TeraFlex front/rear bump stops - 35" x 11" Trail Grapplers - 17" x 8.5" Mopar wheels - Longer Mopar front/rear sway links - Longer Mopar front control arms I've tried the following to fix the pull: -...
  4. How to fix scuff on steel bumper
  5. Park much?

    In the morning, if my face is a little puffy, I'll put on an ice pack while doing my stomach crunches. I can do a thousand now. After I remove the ice pack, I use a deep pore cleanser lotion. In the shower, I use a water activated gel cleanser. Then a honey almond body scrub. And on the face, an...
  6. Jeep Wave Tire Rotation

    Mine did the same but I didn't notice if they charged for the 5th tire. I just rotated it in myself and going forward I'll do my own rotation.
  7. One tire off balance - this bad?

    You better tell AEV to update their description. "DESIGNED SPECIFICALLY FOR THE JEEP WRANGLER JL AND GLADIATOR"
  8. Did you buy new TPMS?

    I bought new Mopar sensors... I didn't want to risk buying cheap ones and having them fail. My stock sensors are in my stock wheels/tires in my shed.
  9. California 2018 Rubicon Suspension

    Jeep uses different springs to account for heavier options. The hard top, steel bumper, and tow group use the heaviest springs, and therefore provide the most lift on non-Rubicons.
  10. Anyone know what these straps are for?

    They allow you to roll up the rear window. There are two snaps on the inside, one on either end of the window.
  11. 2019's with ACC EWWWWW

    I'm 6'3" so my line of sight is pretty high, and I don't even think about the ACC box. It's a non-issue as far as I'm concerned.
  12. MOPAR Hood Lock 82215137

    Sorry @RussJeep1, I mean @Rahneld. Your posts are unnecessarily long-winded and random. You asked about updates to the hood lock and posted a link to the Luxor and a clip from Pulp Fiction. I don't think it's my attention span that's lacking.
  13. Oregon For sale EVO shock extensions

    Is any cutting of the stock brackets required?
  14. Mudflaps and Rubicon Flares?

    The logo comes in several colors. The logo color doesn't dictate size.
  15. Where and how to store soft top windows?

    They're a forum sponsor. PM them for a free shipping code.
  16. Where and how to store soft top windows?

    Exactly. The guy with the jury-rigged window bag doesn't understand that the Mopar bag reviews he's quoting are obviously using it improperly.
  17. Where and how to store soft top windows?

    The Mopar bag is $113 with free shipping at The windows fit perfectly in it (no folding them up with a rolled up blanket to keep them from creasing) and the bag can be stored vertically against the back of the rear seats so you don't lose the ability to store things in the...
  18. Where and how to store soft top windows?

    Mopar soft top window storage bag, part #68358392AB