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  1. Camber off after lift and re-gear

    I just had my Jeep lifted and regeared. My camber is 1.4 degrees on front drivers side and .2 on front passenger side, should I be concerned?
  2. Added Mirror Turn Signals

    Wait... you inform your SO of Jeep purchases... pro tip, ask for forgiveness
  3. Engine versions of the Jeep Wrangler.

    I don’t like to abide by the... it’s been around a while mentality... we’ve continually improved engines since we’ve made cars, if we’ve been around a while mentality was in place in manufacturing we wouldn’t advance... these are the same people that said this with the inline 6 4.0. Technology...
  4. Merry Christmas! What Jeep goodies did y'all get?

    Same. My Sahara came standard with this.
  5. Is the JL the worst Jeep ever?

    Cool cool cool... He bought a 2018. That’s what I am referring too.
  6. Is the JL the worst Jeep ever?

    Always avoid a first year edition.
  7. Is the 2.0 etorque back?

    Not sure... but it will be in the 4xe. So maybe they are reserving it for them?
  8. Is the 2.0 etorque back?

    This was it... you can only build “2021” but the option I was screwing around with was the Sahara altitude and shows up as 2020... tricked again by FCA
  9. Is the 2.0 etorque back?

    Maybe I missed the news but I thought that Jeep did away with the 2.0 etorque for 2021 and replaced it with the 2.0 sans etorque. But today I was doing my daily, what if build, and saw it as an option... what’s going on here? Or am I just crazy? for the record, I have a 2020 Sahara 2.0 etorque.
  10. Factory Mopar Lift Parts and Install Cost?

    Installed this on my JLUS in august with steering stabilizer, front and rear adjustable track bars, and alignment. All in it was around 3k. Im in DC so adjust for cost of living.
  11. Virginia Sold: SOLD Free Mopar 4door sidesteps

    If you are in the NOVA area and need sidesteps, come pick them up.
  12. Noob to new tires/wheels...some help please

    You can easily put on 33s without a lift, and yes get rid of those splash guards. With that being said this also depends on your intended use, if you are wheeling, I’d recommend a life to avoid rubbing, if it is fire trails and roads only, you’re good to go. I’d recommend going over to...
  13. 2019 vs 2021 any subtle differences?

    You say it like it’s a bad thing... smh
  14. Any regrets going automatic?

    Similar to some other folks on here. My wife can’t drive manual... and like golf, I’m not teaching her how to drive a manual either. Also, the auto is smooth and easy. Living in northern Virginia. A manual can be a bitch in traffic.
  15. 2.0 Turbo owners what octane are you using?

    Other way around. High altitude allows for lower octane. Hence why you see 85 octane in places like Denver. Lower elevation requires higher octane. Science is fun.
  16. Question , 3.45 gears running 35s

    Would someone kindly provide a link to recommended 4.56 regears for a 2.0 Sahara with wildpeak 35s?
  17. Why is a Sahara taller than my Rubicon?

    Yea. Roof height different? Fun investigation work here...