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  1. Oil Change

    I have had 2 dealers in South King County WA tell me it will take one and a half to two hours to do an oil change with an appointment. Is this the new normal?
  2. What is the height of a stock JLUR?

    My 2019 JLU Sahara is 72 inches high. Totally stock.
  3. Good dealers for Service in Seattle Area?

    I've purchased 2 jeeps from Larson in Puyallup and used their service a couple of times, nothing bad. Bud Clary in Auburn is closer to me in Federal Way and I've been using them for diesel oil changes and the Grand Cherokee diesel recalls for the past 2 years. Other than Service Advisor...
  4. Jeep Auto Park

    I did finally find a writeup about AutoPark in the Owners Manual under Starting and Operating. Nothing about AutoPark in the Index. There are 5 conditions that all have to be met that the vehicle WILL go into AutoPark. From there on there are many combinations where it MAY or MAY NOT go into...
  5. Jeep Auto Park

    Today my 2019 Jeep Wrangler Sahara was parked in my driveway and I wanted to move it to wash the Jeep. I started it and put it into reverse and the center display said "AutoPark engaged move shift lever to park and then to the gear". I did this 3 or 4 times and it wouldn't go into reverse. I...
  6. 2019 JLU Hum when ESS is on

    I have a 2019 JLU Sahara Altitude with the 8.4 Radio & Nav. I have only had it a few days. When I am stopped and the ESS turns the engine off there is a distinct hum of about 1 KHz from the Radio on FM. I haven't tried it on any other settings yet. When the engine restarts the hum goes away...