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  1. Charging issues

    I notice that sometimes mine doesnt charge. The dumb part is if I tell it to start at 8 and it isnt plugged in at 8 it just ignores the schedule and does nothing. However, I also never click yes for the charge since more times than not it is plugged in before 8. Do you set it to charge until...
  2. Cent's 4xe Improvement Suggestions

    It would be nice if the soft lock you describe could run through the pedestrian speakers that are in front and rear. Maybe tazer can come up with that one.
  3. Has anyone tried the Teraflex ST1 1.5" Spacerlift on the 4xe

    I would be curious to know why it wouldn't work as well. I contacted Rough Country for the 2.5" spacer lift and they verified it does and will work on the 4xe with no issues. Which makes sense.
  4. Selling my 4xe

    Why not trade it in and use the additional tax credit for the traded difference and save yourself money on the purchase of a different car. I would say even if you sell it close to MSRP you are losing quite a bit as the taxes were most likely a few thousand just on the purchase of the Jeep. Or...
  5. Tire Fill Alert

    I wonder as well. I dont fully recall but I do remember they pulled the off road pages with an update I had on my 18 JLU as well. Then so many people complained they pushed it back out for everyone. Hopefully it is just that. It is still listed on the standard features page on the jeep website.
  6. Tire Fill Alert

    Yeah I was as well. I’m hoping it’s a software upgrade. I noticed mine says version 21.05.11. I think the latest is 21.18.xx I told my salesman that was one of the reasons I chose this since it’s listed as a standard feature on the Jeep website. He is doing some digging for me as well. However...
  7. Tire Fill Alert

    I am actually chatting with Jeep now. They said it wasnt an option I chose and I am pointing out to them that it is fully listed on the website as a standard feature that is included with all of them. I assume there was an update or something that removed it. I also have an offroad+ option for...
  8. Tire Fill Alert

    I do. I got the offroad camera, leather, towing, both safety groups body color top and fenders, cold weather and proximity. Although, one thing I noticed on my sticker is it says that I got continental tpms.
  9. Tire Fill Alert

    THank you for verifying. I actually just watched a video found on a different forum and I will and can fully confirm that my 2 week old rubicon doesnt have this feature. No clue why as it also says it is fully up to date. This is what happened when the first JL's came out with the off road pages...
  10. Tire Fill Alert

    That is a negative. My Rubicon does not have that. Can you post a picture where you found yours? Can anyone with a 4xe confirm they have this option?
  11. Tire Fill Alert

    How are you guys finding tire fill alert option? I also have a 4xe rubicon but cannot find it. I also show an option that says to turn on the offroad camera when in offroad+ mode but I cannot find that either. It leads me to belive they just didnt do quality assurance to have the option removed...
  12. Navigation volume

    Yeah I found out it defaults to 15 everytime unless you set it higher than that. I set it to 17 as a test and it stayed there. I set it to 11 or even lower. Although it technically shows it is lower and the number stay there, the volume however tends to default to 15 even though it says 11 or...
  13. Default navigation audio levels not used

    I will try to lower mine below 12 and see how it does. Thanks for posting that little tidbit. That is one route I havent tried yet.
  14. Best place online to find tire/wheel packages?

    Discount tire is good but I (personally) prefer to go through .
  15. Default navigation audio levels not used

    I've had this same issue with mine since day 1. Mine always defaults back to 15 no matter where I put it.
  16. Has anyone used System X ceramic paint protection?

    That looks more like an actual rock chip to me. That’s why I have my hinges lined with 8 mil mountain bike frame protector. Still look brand new and can’t even see it unless I point it out. Still a bummer none the same though. Sorry you have that one your door. Hopefully you can find some touch...
  17. Plastidip

    is the grill just is teh grill just red over the counter plastidip? Or did you order that from or whatever the site is? Im not a fan of the words on the fenders but clearly it shows your a gun advocate which I do like :). Still looks nice either way.
  18. No bikini top no problem!

    I used to do that all the time with my JK. Glad to know that these stay put without the round knobs I always had to screw in on the JK pieces.
  19. Wheels spacers on fully stock JLLUR

    No! If you look at the pics posted by Berkfan there are spots where the studs (at 1.5" you wont have extra length) if they do protrude will have the slot in teh wheel to go. It is essentially rotating the stud so the extra if any goes in to the hole and then you have new studs for the lug nuts...
  20. New Window Tint Blocks 98% Heat by XPEL (PRIME XR PLUS)

    With the price Xpel just quoted keep in mind I was quoted for regular tint on all windows except the windshield anywhere from $200-$500. So if their tint is that much better I wouldnt see that the minimal extra cost being a huge factor. I know I am in Arizona right now and the inside heats up...